Where in Missouri is Cedar County?

Where in Missouri is Cedar County?

Cedar County is a county located in the southwest portion of the U.S. state of Missouri. As of the 2020 census, the population was 14,188. Its county seat is Stockton….Cedar County, Missouri.

Cedar County
Country United States
State Missouri
Founded February 14, 1845
Named for Cedar Creek, a tributary of the Sac River

When was Stockton Missouri founded?

In 1900 the population was 16,923. The first settlement in the county was made by John Crisp, Robert Graham, Thomas English, and a man named Crump, who located on Sac River, two miles east of the present Stockton, November 17, 1832.

How big is Stockton Missouri?

2.16 mi²

Where is Stockton Lake Missouri?

Stockton Lake is a 24,900-acre U. S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoir located in Cedar, Dade and Polk counties in southwestern Missouri.

What towns are in Cedar County Missouri?

El Dorado SpringsJerico SpringsUmber View Heights
Cedar County/Cities

Who owns land in Missouri?

The federal government owns 3.79 percent of Missouri’s total land, 1,675,400 acres out of 44,248,320 total acres. Missouri ranked 24th in the nation in federal land ownership.

What year was the Stockton Missouri tornado?

The Ozarks remembers a major tornado outbreak that devastated many communities in the Ozarks 15 years ago. One of the hardest hit communities was Stockton, Mo. on May 4, 2003. An EF3 tornado devastated the heart of the Cedar County community.

Is Stockton Lake open?

Stockton Park is open year-round. It offers one reservable group use area, a boat ramp, and a beach.

Why is Stockton Lake so blue?

Stockton Lake is an artificial lake, created when a closed mine was filled with water. This gives the water an unnatural turquoise blue colour, which looks amazing on a beautiful sunny day. After each flush the toilets take a few minutes to refill with water. …

Can you live on Stockton Lake?

Stockton Lake is a beautiful location for a full-time home, weekend getaway, or vacation rental.

What county is Polk Mo in?

Polk County

What county is Stockton CA in?

It is the county seat of Cedar County. Stockton is located at 37°41′48″N 93°47′43″W / 37.69667°N 93.79528°W / 37.69667; -93.79528 (37.696552, -93.795200). According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 2.1 square miles (5.5 km²), all of it land.

How do I contact City Hall in Stockton MO?

Go to cityofstocktonmo.com/index for more information or contact City Hall at 417-276-5210. THANK YOU. RECYCLING CLOSED FRIDAY, 12/24 & Saturday, 12/25.

What happened to the city of Stockton?

The town lies just west of the Stockton Lake dam about 40 miles northwest of Springfield. On May 4, 2003, a large, destructive tornado severely damaged the city of Stockton. After decimating the historic business district and damaging or destroying over 250 homes the tornado proceeded east through the countryside.

Where can I get a dog tag in Stockton MO?

Fees collected for tags are for the maintenance of the City Dog Shelter. Owner must provide proof of rabies vaccination in order to purchase tag. City Hall 1424 South St., Stockton, Missouri 417-276-5210 Pursuant to Section 140.120 Burial Regulations of the Municipal Code of Stockton, the following is prohibited in the Stockton Cemetery:

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