How deep is Weiss Lake Alabama?

How deep is Weiss Lake Alabama?

Weiss Lake/Max depth

What is the current water level at Weiss Lake?

Weiss Lake is now predicted to crest today at about 565 feet, down from the original projection of 566 feet. That would put Weiss about one foot above the normal summer level of 564 feet.

Who owns Weiss Lake?

the Alabama Power Company
Weiss Lake in northeastern Alabama is owned and operated by the Alabama Power Company. At full summer pool, Weiss Lake sits 564 feet (172 m) above sea level.

Where is the deepest part of Logan Martin Lake?

The depth of the lake is 35 to 110 feet (34 m) with only five feet average water level variance. The lake borders St. Clair and Talladega counties….Logan Martin Lake.

Lake Logan Martin
Lake Logan Martin Show map of Alabama Show map of the United States Show all
Location Calhoun / St. Clair / Talladega counties, Alabama, US

Does Weiss Lake have alligators?

Read more here. However, the tale of the 28-foot gator in Weiss Lake was a hoax, according a Jan. These days, alligator sightings are fairly common in coastal Alabama but winters in northern Alabama are typically too cold to make an optimum habitat for the reptiles.

What kind of fish are in Weiss Lake?

Spotted bass
White crappieBlack crappieStriped bassLargemouth bass
Weiss Lake/Fish

Fishing for largemouth bass, spotted bass, channel catfish, flathead catfish, black crappie, white crappie, bluegill, redear sunfish, white bass, striped bass and hybrid striped bass at Weiss Lake in Alabama.

What is full pool at Weiss Lake?

564 feet
CHEROKEE COUNTY — The full pool level of Weiss Lake is 564 feet above sea level.

Can you swim in Weiss Lake?

Along with fishing, Weiss Lake is popular for boating, sailing, swimming, waterskiing, and jet skiing. There is public access to the lake and several private marinas. Accommodations range from campgrounds and cabins to motels. There are also several residential developments around the lake.

Can you swim in Lake Weiss?

What is the cleanest lake in Alabama?

The Clearest Lake In Alabama Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

  • Lewis Smith Lake, which is best known as Smith Lake, is located on the Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River in Cullman, Winston, and Walker counties.
  • Covering nearly 22,000 acres, Smith Lake is hailed as the Southeast’s most beautiful lake.

Are there alligators in Logan Martin Lake?

Alligator sightings in and around Logan Martin Lake have residents on edge. There have been multiple sightings at Logan Martin Lake. It’s not what Danny Bassett expected to see floating near his fishing spot.

Are alligators white?

There are two kinds of white alligators: leucistic and albino. Sirphis the white alligator is albino. That means she lacks the pigment melanin, making her appear white. Because they do not blend in with their surroundings, young albino alligators are quickly spotted and eaten by predators.

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