Aluminum Sliding Doors — a Multipurpose Format for Glazing House Facades

panoramic sliding systems

In modern architecture, panoramic glazing of facades is used even in the construction of private houses. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows that span the entire wall provide more than just extra light inside. This is an opportunity to revive the interior, to create a unique living space that integrates with the environment. You would get closer to nature and at the same time stay in a comfortable home environment.

And sliding aluminum systems will help truly create a functional and versatile space. Just imagine, a blank glass wall disappears in an instant, allowing not only visually, but also physically to combine a bedroom or living room with a backyard or terrace into a single relaxation area where you can spend evenings with friends or relatives. 

But sliding doors are used not only in modern architecture. They are often installed at the renovation of buildings built in the middle or early 20th century and even in the Victorian style houses. It is possible to install them in apartments when replacing a balcony block or doors overlooking a loggia, terrace. 

Why have sliding doors become popular? And what are the advantages of aluminum profile systems?

Elegant Slim Profile

Aluminum profiles have high rigidity and load-bearing capacity at low weight. In this, they are much superior to window frames made of wood or PVC. Such properties allow you to make thin frames that can withstand even massive double-glazed windows weighing 300 or 400 kilograms. 

For example, the visible profile width of the movable sash in the Schüco ASE 67 PD system is only 31 mm. Barely noticeable frames add elegance to the interior, create a feeling of the absence of glass and complete unity of the room with the outside world. They visually increase the space. 

Large Selection of Colors and Textures

The noble texture of aluminum is well combined with different interior styles, classical, modern architecture. But if you want perfect compatibility with the used finishes or furniture, you can order painting of profiles in any color from the RAL palette. There are 213 shades to choose from. Is that not enough?

You can order lamination of the profile for natural wood, granite, marble, or obsidian. A high-quality film is used for the coating, which resists scratches well, withstands the effects of aggressive cleaning agents and accurately replicates the genuine texture of natural materials.

Energy Efficiency

If you think that the installation of a glass wall is not advantageous due to significant heat losses, you are deeply mistaken.

‘Warm’ aluminum profiles for exterior glazing are complete with a built-in thermal break. This is a plastic liner inside the frame, which prevents heat exchange between the outer and inner surfaces. The high load-bearing capacity of the frame allows you to install a massive double-glazed window up to 6-7 cm thick with three or even four glasses. 

In terms of energy saving, aluminum profile systems are not inferior to PVC frames. For example, the heat transfer coefficient of Schuco ASS 77 PD.SI is only 0.8 W/(m2·K). This indicator meets the standard of energy-efficient buildings and only slightly falls short of the requirements of a ‘passive house’.


A solid wall of glass seems fragile and unreliable when it comes to breaking and entering. But it’s just an illusion. Profile sliding systems use a multi-point locking system. It is possible to install an armored double-glazed window with tempered glass with a thickness of 1 cm or more. And Reynaers sliding doors can be equipped with a biometric lock with fingerprint access and remote locking from a smartphone.

Sliding aluminum systems in terms of protection against burglary are not inferior to conventional swing doors. You can order a design of the RC/WK 3 class, which cannot be broken by improvised means, for example with a crowbar, without using a special tool.

The main disadvantage is that aluminum sliding doors are more expensive than similar-sized PVC structures. But you can save a lot if you place an order in Eastern Europe, where the cost of production is lower. Here you can buy facade glazing according to drawings without extra charge for exclusivity. You would save even taking into account shipping by sea. Strict quality standards and guarantees are ensured. For more information follow the link:


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