When can you file a ChildLine report in PA?

When can you file a ChildLine report in PA?

Permissive reporters can make a report at any time they suspect a child is the victim of child abuse. Permissive reporters may report anonymously. Permissive reporters can report by telephone by calling 1-800-932-0313. Each report is handled by a trained specialist who determine the most appropriate course of action.

What is ChildLine in PA?

ChildLine is part of a mandated statewide child protective services program designed to accept child abuse referrals and general child well-being concerns, and transmit the information quickly to the appropriate investigating agency.

How do I report ChildLine in PA?

Call ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313. Learn more about abuse and reporting at Keep Kids Safe.

When should I call the ChildLine?

When to Call the Child Protection Hotline Reporting should be done when a person either knows or has a “reasonable suspicion” that a child has been or is in danger of abuse or neglect. “Reasonable suspicion” means that most people, given the same facts and information, would suspect child abuse.

What does the child line do?

Our Childline service gives children and young people a voice when no one else is listening. Whatever problems or dangers they face, we give them somewhere to turn to for support when they need it. Childline is free to contact on 0800 1111.

Can Childline trace calls?

Hi there, ​​Childline wants to make sure you’re safe and sometimes we work with the police to do that. But most of the time we don’t tell anyone what you say to us. Our confidentiality promise explains the situations when we might need to tell someone.

Does Childline tell your parents?

ChildLine is anonymous and confidential – this means you don’t need to tell anyone that you’re signing up for an account or that you’re talking to us. ChildLine is a private space where you can talk about things you don’t feel able to say to anyone else – and this can include your parents if you wish.

Can adults ring Childline?

Childline works with children and young people until they turn 19 years of age. If you’ve already have been involved with social services or CAMHS, you might already know that normally at 18 years of age people move out of services like these and into ‘adult services’.

How to report suspected child maltreatment?

The name and home address of the child and the parent or other individual responsible for the care of the child;

  • The present location of the child;
  • The age of the child (or approximate age);
  • Names and ages of other children in the home;
  • The nature and extent of injuries or sexual abuse or neglect of the child
  • What does Childline do for children?

    Childline is a counselling service for children and young people up to their 19th birthday in the United Kingdom provided by the NSPCC. They deal with any issues which cause distress or concern; some of the most common issues include child abuse, bullying, mental illness, parental separation or divorce, teenage pregnancy, substance misuse, neglect, and psychological abuse.

    What is the main purpose of the Childline?

    To provide a children’s crisis counselling helpline

  • To work to reduce the prevalence of child abuse
  • To offer therapy to those affected by child abuse
  • To advocate and develop capacity on children’s rights
  • Can I text Childline?

    Calls to Childline are free. Texts to Childline are free. You can ring from a landline, a pay phone or a mobile phone, and it won’t cost anything or use up any credit. You can text from any mobile phone. Sometimes some mobile phone companies block calls to freephone numbers (that begin 1800).

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