What type of shimmy damper is commonly being used?

What type of shimmy damper is commonly being used?

Vane-Type. A vane-type shimmy damper is sometime used. [Figure 6] It uses fluid chambers created by the vanes separated by a valve orifice in a center shaft. As the nose gear tries to oscillate, vanes rotate to change the size of internal chambers filled with fluid.

How does a shimmy damper keep a nose wheel from shimmying?

Controlling the urge to shimmy and shake. A shimmy damper uses a cylinder filled with hydraulic fluid or a rubber/lubricant combination to prevent rapid movement of the nosewheel, while not interfering with slower operations.

What is shimmy in aviation?

Shimmy vibration is the lateral and torsional vibrations in the wheel of the aircraft that is self-excited and causes instability in high speed performances which can damage the landing gear of the aircraft, its fuselage and even may result in hurting the passengers.

What is torque link?

Torque Links. The hinged link between the piston and cylinder of an oleo-type landing gear shock absorber. The torque links allow the piston to move freely in and out of the landing gear cylinder, but prevent it rotating. The torque links can be adjusted to achieve and maintain the correct wheel alignment.

What is nose wheel steering?

Description. On aircraft with tricycle configuration landing gear, the nose wheel is either free castoring or, by some mechanism, steerable to facilitate directional control during takeoff and landing and to allow the aircraft to manoeuvre whilst on the ground.

What is the most likely cause if an aircraft nose wheel shakes?

An imbalance in the nose tire and wheel assembly can cause a vibration in the nosegear. Uneven tire wear can also cause nose vibrations. An overly inflated nose tire can also contribute to a nosewheel shimmy.

How does a shimmy damper work quizlet?

How does a shimmy damper keep a nosewheel from shimmying? It acts as a small hydraulic shock absorber between the piston and the cylinder of the nosewheel shock strut.

What is shimmy in landing gear?

Shimmy vibration is a common phenomenon in landing gear systems during either the take-off or landing of aircrafts. It is the state of self-excite oscillations in lateral and torsional directions caused by the interaction between the tires and the runway. The damage of the landing gear can also lead to accidents.

What is shimming in landing gear?

WHAT IS LANDING GEAR SHIMMY? It is an oscillation of the landing gear that can occur when the structural vibrations couple with the tyre forces and when this happens, the landing gear will experience a prolonged lateral and torsional motion (think of that annoying trolley wheel at the supermarket!).

What should be checked if a shimmy damper is not functioning properly?

Check the shimmy damper for proper fluid and proper operation. Check the damper for seal condition and excessive wear in the piston and damper bore. The damper shaft must have considerable resistance to motion when moved quickly, but should still move easily when moved slowly.

Why do modern aircraft designs use 2 piece wheels?

The two piece wheel construction, are of 2 types, removable rim or split wheel. 12. INBOARD WHEEL HALF Wheel halves are not identical. The primary reason for this is that the inboard wheel half must have a means for accepting and driving the rotor(s) of the aircraft brakes that are mounted on both main wheels.

What is a shimmy damper on a motorcycle?

A shimmy damper consists of an oil filled cylinder, with a push–pull rod attached to a disk inside the cylinder. When the push rod moves from side to side, oil is forced to flow through the holes, which acts a damper. A small hydraulic or pneumatic shock absorber installed between the nose-wheel fork and landing gear structure to prevent…

What is Shimmy?

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How does an oil damper work on a plane?

When the push rod moves from side to side, oil is forced to flow through the holes, which acts a damper. A small hydraulic or pneumatic shock absorber installed between the nose-wheel fork and landing gear structure to prevent or minimize nose-wheel shimmying during takeoff and landing.

Why is my Cessna shimmy damper not working?

John Wells of Arapahoe Aero at Centennial Airport near Denver found it both ways in one Cessna parts document. Primarily associated with Cessna aircraft, aircraft taxiing at higher speeds may experience a shuddering of the nosewheel, meaning the shimmy damper isn’t doing its job.

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