Does LG make a 28 inch Smart TV?

Does LG make a 28 inch Smart TV?

LG 28LM520S-WU: 28 inch Class HD Smart TV | LG USA.

How wide is a 28 inch TV?

TV Dimensions Guide: Screen Size, Height-Width, Viewing Area

Size of TV in inches (Dimensions) Dimensions Height x Width in inches
28 inch TV Height: 13.7 inch, Width: 24.3 inch
29 inch TV Height: 14.2 inch, Width: 25.2 inch
30 inch TV Height: 14.7 inch, Width: 26.1 inch
31 inch TV Height: 15.2 inch, Width: 27.0 inch

Is a 28 inch TV big?

A 28 inch TV screen is better suited for a living room as a primary TV than something smaller. 28 inches is a great size for an extra TV in a bedroom, too. It’s big enough to enjoy watching movies or high-definition TV shows, but it’s not so big that it becomes the focal point of the room.

How much is LG TV 32 inches in Nigeria?

32-inch LG LED TV Price

Model Name Screen Size Price Range
LG 32LM630 32-inch 135,000 – 150,000 Naira
LG 32LF551U 32-inch 110,000 – 120,000 Naira – N110,000 – View Offer
LG 32LB552R 32-inch 63,000 Naira – 135,000 Naira – N63,000 – Buy Now

What is the lowest price of LG 28 inch TV in India?

LG 28 Inch LED HD Ready TV (28LH454A) price in India starts from ₹ 12,500. The lowest price of LG 28 Inch LED HD Ready TV (28LH454A) is ₹ 12,500 at Amazon on 29th December 2021.

Is the LG 28ln4500 class 720p led TV still available?

The LG 28” Class 720p LED TV (27.5” diagonal), Model # 28LN4500 is a 2013 model that has been discontinued since the end of 2013 and is no longer available for sale. The TV should have a horizontal viewing angle between 120 and 160 degrees and a vertical angle of 120 degrees…^IFV. Date published: 2019-11-04.

What are the best LED TVs for bedrooms?

LED backlighting provides a crisp, colorful picture, and the size is a perfect fit for a bedroom or den. This LG 28-inch 720p TV also supports HDMI connections for high-quality audio and video over a single cable.

What are the features of LG TV monitors?

Get Full HD 1080p entertainment from the TV, as well as your computer. With features like a built-in digital tuner and Dolby Surround sound, LG TV monitors can bring your favorite movies and TV shows to life, along with your favorite online content and games.

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