What is the birthstone for 29th of December?

What is the birthstone for 29th of December?

December birthstone: tanzanite Its colors, blue and violet, are due to the presence of vanadium in the zoisite crystals.

What is the birthstone for December UK?


SEPTEMBER Sapphire Sapphire
OCTOBER Opal, Tourmaline Tourmaline
NOVEMBER Yellow Topaz, Citrine Citrine
DECEMBER Topaz, Tanzanite Turquoise

What is the birthstone for December?

What is the birthstone for December? December Birthstones: Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise.

Is London blue a December birthstone?

December’s birthstone, the blue topaz, shows the true range of blue beauty. The gemstone comes in all kinds of blues — light tones like sky blue and Swiss blue, and dark tones like London blue. Blue topazes are especially unique because they are pleochroic. This means the gemstone’s color changes as it moves in light.

What is the color for December 29th?

Birthstones for December

Official Birthstone Turquoise
Official Birthstone Tanzanite
Official Birthstone Zircon
Alternative Birthstone Bloodstone
Alternative Birthstone Ruby

What colour is alexandrite stone?

Alexandrites are remarkable and rare gemstones. They display an extraordinary colour change according to the ambient lighting, from emerald green in daylight to ruby red in incandescent light from tungsten lamps or candles.

Does December have 2 birthstones?

Why Does December Have Multiple Birthstone? Turquoise and another famous blue gemstone, lapis lazuli, were the traditional birthstones for December. Today, the more brilliant blue topaz and zircon have become the most popular modern gemstones for December birthdays.

Is blue topaz a December birthstone?

December’s birthstone is one that is loved and worn by many throughout human history, it’s the blue topaz.

Is tanzanite a December birthstone?

December Birthstones Named for its limited geographic origin in Tanzania, tanzanite has quickly risen to popularity since its relatively recent discovery. Zoisite had been around more than a century and a half before this rare blue variety was found in 1967.

What is December birthstone for a girl?

December Birthstone. If you had to pick one December birthstone, which would it be: tanzanite, turquoise or zircon? From the blue to bluish purple of tanzanite, to the intense blue and green of turquoise, to the rainbow varieties of zircon – there’s a color for everyone.

Is blue zircon a December birthstone?

Blue zircon has become a modern December birthstone. Color: Reddish brown, yellow, gray, green, red; various other colors (including blue) induced by heating.

What Birthstones are in the birthstone chart?

Birthstone Chart with Modern and Traditional Stones MONTH MODERN TRADITIONAL September Sapphire Sapphire October Tourmaline Opal November Golden Topaz or Citrine Topaz December Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, or Tanzanite Turquoise or Lapis

Can the December birthstone crack?

Still, the December birthstone may crack if exposed to very high temperatures or sudden temperature changes, and it abrades easily. It can be attacked by hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.

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