What size are hitch pins?

What size are hitch pins?

Threaded hitch pins are the same size (1/2” x 13 Threads Per Inch) for 1-1/4” and 2” receiver racks. They are available in standard (provided with the rack) or locking (available from our website). Smooth hitch pin is ½” diameter for 1-1/4” receiver racks and 5/8” diameter for 2” receiver racks.

What size are 3 point hitch pins?

Three-point hitch specifications

Category Hitch pin size
1 19 mm (3⁄4″) 22.4 mm (7⁄8″)
2 25.5 mm (1″) 28.7 mm (1 1⁄8″)
3 31.75 mm (1 1⁄4″) 37.4 mm (1 7⁄16″)
4 45mm (1 3⁄4″) 51 mm (2″)

What grade are hitch pins?

Tractor hitch pins are critical components of highway transportation.

What are hitch pins called?

Hitch pins, sometimes called trailer pins, are designed with either a swivel handle or a fixed PVC coated handle. The pin is secured by inserting a bridge pin or lynch pin into a hole opposite of the handle.

Which hitch pin do I need?

For a Class III or IV 2 inch trailer hitch as well as Class V 2-1/2 inch trailer hitches you will need to use a 5/8 inch diameter pin such as # e98881 which has a span of 3-5/8 inches.

What are the different hitch sizes?

There are four standard trailer hitch sizes: 1-1/4″, 2″, 2-1/2″ and 3″. The hitch size refers to the inside dimensions of the hitch receiver. Using a standard hitch size approach allows for more versatile towing options.

What is difference in Cat 1 and Cat 2?

Category 1 Hitch For tractors with 20 to 50 horsepower. Category 2 Hitch For tractors with 50 to 90 horsepower. Long days can seem even longer when you aren’t comfortable.

What is the strongest hitch pin?

The BulletProof Stainless Steel Locking Pin is possibly the best solution for locking nearly any hitch to your vehicle receiver and for locking your dual ball to your hitch. This locking pin is rated to the max capacity of the hitch 14,000 – 36,000lbs and offers peace of mind when leaving your vehicle unattended.

Do hitch pins ever break?

With enough pressure, the hitch pin can bend or break. Shear strength is typically presented as pounds per square inch. Like, bolts, hitch pins are graded.

How does linch pin work?

Linch pins are specifically designed to retain a wheel or other rotating device on its axle, but can be used as a fastener as well. Both of these types of pins require mating holes and some form of a lock to be effective. For coupling applications, two mating segments are aligned and then held in position by the pin.

What are linch pins used for?

Lynch Pins—also commonly referred to as quick pins or linchpins — are a self-locking pin inserted crosswise as through the end of an axle or shaft. These fasteners securely keep objects from sliding off its axle.

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