What is lateral condensation technique?

What is lateral condensation technique?

Lateral condensation technique is one of the most common methods of root canal obturation. In conventional obturation methods, the tug-back in the gutta-percha master cone is recommended in order to create and maintain the apical seal. Finally, the root canal is obturated using lateral condensation technique.

What is the step back technique in endodontics?

step-back technique uses a combination of hand instruments (files) and rotary instruments (Gates- Glidden drills and Peeso reamers) to achieve adequate coronal flare before apical root canal preparation.

What is master cone in endodontics?

Customized master cones represent a change in concept: rather than instrumenting the root canal to fit the shape of a round, industrial, master cone, a cone is prepared to fit the shape of the ready-to-fill canal.

What is Thermoplasticized technique?

THERMOPLASTICISED GUTTA- PERCHA INJECTION TECHNIQUES PRINCIPLE:- This technique comprises a pressure apparatus consisting a electrically heated syringe barrel and a selection of needles ranging from 18-25gauge size. The plunger is designed to prevent the backflow of the Gutta percha.

How do I use Hedstrom file?

Premier Hedstrom Files are used for more rapid enlargement of root canals. Note that the cutting edges are inclined backwards. The insertion is made easily since there is no cutting taking place on the insertion stroke. When the instrument is withdrawn, cutting takes place and debris is carried away from the apex.

What is BC sealer?

EndoSequence BC Sealer is a patented, revolutionary premixed root canal sealer which utilizes new bioceramic nanotechnology. Unlike conventional base/catalyst sealers, BC Sealer utilizes the moisture naturally present in the dentinal tubules to initiate its setting reaction.

What is a Hedstrom file?

What is the difference between Hedstrom and K-files?

Both file types prepared straight canals in an appropriate manner but the majority of prepared curved canals were hourglass in shape. In general, K-files created zips which were wider and thus more pronounced than those produced by Hedstrom files. Wide ‘danger zones’ were also regularly created.

What is the endotec II?

The Endotec II is a cordless, battery-operated thermal condenser designed to easily soften and fuse gutta percha cones together using the warm, lateral-condensation technique. The Endotec II heats the gutta percha using a specially designed and shaped, electrically heated tip.

How does the endotec II heat gutta percha?

The Endotec II heats the gutta percha using a specially designed and shaped, electrically heated tip. This tip corresponds to a #30 root-canal file with a micro-heating element inside the tip. This allows length control within the prepared canal to create a good lateral and apical seal. In contrast to the traditional later

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