What is FAR 13?

What is FAR 13?

The procedures in FAR Part 13 provide streamlined processes to acquire supplies and services, including construction, research and development, and commercial items, for which the aggregate amount does not exceed the simplified acquisition threshold.

What is the current FAR simplified acquisition threshold?

The simplified acquisition threshold was changed to $250,000 by statute (see FAR Case 2018–004). The simplified procedures for certain commercial items ceiling (FAR 13.500) is increased from $7 million to $7.5 million. For acquisitions described at 13.500(c), the ceiling is increasing from $13.5 million to $15 million.

What is the competition requirement when soliciting quotations or offers using SAP?

(i) When soliciting quotations or offers, the contracting officer shall notify potential quoters or offerors of the basis on which award will be made (price alone or price and other factors, e.g., past performance and quality). (ii) Contracting officers are encouraged to use best value.

When should you use FAR Part 15?

Purpose of Part 15 When contracting in a competitive environment, Part 15 is to be used to minimize the complexity of the solicitation, the evaluation of proposals, and the source selection decision.

What is far15?

FAR Part 15 describes the procedures for competitive and non-competitive open market acquisitions exceeding the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT). Open market is defined as products or services not available from required sources of supply, such as GSA schedule contracts, outlined in FAR Part 8.

How often is the far revised?

DoD, GSA, and NASA are issuing a final rule amending the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to further implement the statute which requires an adjustment every five years of statutory acquisition-related thresholds for inflation.

Does FAR Part 6 apply to FAR Part 13?

FAR Part 6 does not generally apply to contracts awarded using the simplified acquisition procedures of Part 13.

What is far 10?

Market Research (FAR Part 10) is conducted to determine the availability of commercial products and services and to identify and evaluate market practices. It’s a continuous process of finding viable sources of goods and services to meet government requirements and is mandated for all acquisition programs.

Which method of soliciting quotes should the contracting officer use to maximum extent practicable?

Oral solicitations
Oral solicitations (i.e., not electronic, paper or fax) are the preferred method, to the maximum extent practicable, to expedite requirements not expected to exceed $25,000. Oral solicitations between $10,000 and $25,000 are not subject to the requirements for public posting.

What is FAR Dfars?

FAR stands for the Federal Acquisition Regulation. Contracting professionals and vendors are expected to be familiar with the FAR. The DFARS stands for Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. This is essentially. the same as the FAR except specifically geared towards Department of Defense contracts.

What is FAR compliance?

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the regulatory compliance foundation comprised of the rules and requirements that the federal government and government contractors are obligated to comply with when pursuing, executing and performing contracts with the Federal government.

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