What is a QA1?

What is a QA1?

High Performance Suspension & Driveline Since 1993, QA1 has helped racers get to victory lane. Our suspension systems improve handling on the street or track and help you dial in the perfect stance. All while greatly enhancing your truck’s everyday driveability.

Is QA1 Made in USA?

QA1 has reengineered its Mopar k-member and is proud to now manufacture its Mustang k-member in house. These k-members are manufactured in QA1’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility along with QA1’s entire line of suspension components.

Where is QA1?

Lakeville, Minnesota, MN 55044.

Where are QA1 shocks made?

Lakeville, Minnesota
Manufactured in Lakeville, Minnesota, QA1’s aluminum shocks are tested and approved by drivers and racers like you. We ensure a high quality, consistent, repeatable product every time by dyno testing and serializing 100% of our shocks.

How do you identify QA1 shocks?

You will notice on the bottom of your shock you will have one knob, or two. If you have one knob, the adjustment will be for either the rebound only or rebound and compression simultaneously. Moving the piston rod in and out by hand will quickly identify which shock you have.

Are QA1 shocks any good?

“Our new non-adjustable shocks are perfect for people who want an aluminum high-performance replacement shock for $90, but are probably more interested in cruising than going to the road course,” says Corey Flynn of QA1. They look great, and are the last set of shocks you’ll ever have to buy.

Are there universal coilovers?

Home » Products » Coilovers » Universal Coilovers – You measure to fit! A wide range of coilovers are available by stroke length and mounting type. RideTech offers coil springs in a wide variety of spring rates and lengths, as well as custom length mounts and caps.

Do I need double adjustable shocks?

Those who race often prefer double-adjustable shocks because they spend more time at the tracks and the double-adjustables allow them to fine tune their suspension and make the best possible handling vehicle.

What are double adjustable coil over shocks?

Double adjustable coil-over shocks are offered to drag racers requiring more control of the suspension system. The ability to independently adjust both extension and compression allows the chassis tuner complete dampening control of the vehicle’s suspension.

What are coilover sleeves?

Coilover sleeves are essentially a collar with spring; more than the lowering springs alone, but less gear than in the full coilover kit. Pros: If you pair these with decent shocks, you can come up with a great budget coilover-style system with some adjustability.

Can any coilovers fit any car?

The two main advantages of coilovers are improved handling and adjustability. And, you can install a coilover in almost any car. Very few suspension upgrade kits provide height adjustability. As much as you want a low ride setting for your car, it will not be convenient in all terrain.

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