What is a Chinese ladder braid?

What is a Chinese ladder braid?

Make a small loop on the right side of your ponytail with the base of the small section. Then, use your left hand to bring the tail end of the 2 sections up over the ponytail and through the loop. Pull the tail end through the loop tightly to secure your braid in place.

What are Unicorn braids?

A byproduct of the mermaid hair trend, unicorn braids offer naturals a splashy, playful edge – sans bleach. Kinks and curls are transformed with spools of colorful hair installed via the cornrow, three-strand and/or crochet method.

How to do two Dutch braids?

Center Part. Part your hair down the middle,then continue that part all the way down the back of your head to create two even sections of hair.

  • Crossing Under. Switch back to the working section and gently brush out any tangles. Pick up a small section of hair at the front and divide into three.
  • Begin Adding to Each Section. Just as you learned in my earlier tutorial on French braids,you’re going to start adding small bits of hair to each section
  • Gradually Add More Along the Way. Continue this process as your braid grows longer.
  • Finish&Repeat on the Other Side. Braid the remaining sections to the ends of your hair,and secure the tail with a small elastic.
  • Wear It! This is a practical sporty look that’s great for athletics and leisure,but can just as easily be dressed up for a romantic look,which is
  • Bonus: Make Waves While You Sleep
  • How do I make a rope ladder?

    How to Make a Rope Ladder. Drill holes 2 inches from each end of the boards. Place washers on both sides of the boards. Washers keep the rope from fraying over time as it rubs on the wood. Thread the rope through the holes and tie a simple knot. Repeat every 10 inches until you have the length needed. Tie both sides together using two triple…

    How do you make a box braid?

    Miscellaneous Styles Form larger braids. Gather three to six braids on the side of your head, near your ear. Add a curl. Attach flexi rods or perm rods to the ends of your braids. Make a box braid basket weave. Bring braids across the top of your head, taking alternating braids from the left and right sides. Create a ponytail up-do.

    How to do every type of Braid?

    The Ultimate Guide to Every Type of Braid Classic Braid. This style staple should be familiar. Box braids. Itty bitty braids can make a pretty big impact. Tree Braids. Get the best of both worlds with tree braids. French Braid. A French braid is always on point. Dutch Braid. Cornrows. Milkmaid Braid. Fishtail. Infinity Braid. Pull Through Braid.

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