What is a ceremonial procession called?

What is a ceremonial procession called?

cortege. (also cortège), parade.

What is a religious procession?

procession, in Christianity, organized body of people advancing in formal or ceremonial manner as an element of Christian ritual or as a less official expression of popular piety. Another procession with a long history is that celebrated on Palm Sunday, commemorating the triumphant entrance of Christ into Jerusalem.

What is geographical procession?

a line of people, animals, vehicles, etc., moving along in orderly succession. Not to be confused with: precession – the act of preceding; precedence; the slow, conical motion of the earth’s axis of rotation.

What is music procession?

The processional is the name give to whichever piece of music you have choosen to play as your bridesmaid walk down the aisle in preparation for the bride making her grand entrance. In some weddings, the bridesmaid follow the bride up the aisle in which case the processional and bride entrance music are combined.

Where did funeral procession originate?

Also known as motorcades, processions started back in Ancient Egypt. The person responsible for arranging the procession was referred to as the “kher-heb”. Historically referred to as “mummy,” the deceased would be placed on a sledge to be pulled by men attending the funeral or oxen.

Who leads a church procession?

The meeting of bishop, when the youngest priest, all the deacons with censers, and lower clergy meet the bishop (who is escorted from his home by two subdeacons) at the western door of the church and solemnly escorted to the iconostasis and then to his throne for vesting.

What does processional mean in English?

Definition of processional (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a book containing material for a procession. 2 : a musical composition (such as a hymn) designed for a procession. 3 : a ceremonial procession.

What is procession architecture?

1. In monastic churches a line of paving for the marshalling of those participating in the daily processions associated with religious observance. 2. Ambulatory, or aisle to the east of the high-altar and its reredos in cathedrals and monastic churches. A Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

What does in the world of processional mean?

of the nature of a procession; moving in an orderly or regular succession, sequence, or the like.

What is prelude and processional?

1. The Prelude – Played as the guests arrive and take their seats. 2. The Pre-Processional – Played as the honored family members walk down the aisle. The Processional – Played as the bridal party walks down the aisle.

What is the wedding procession?

The wedding processional refers to the group of people walking down the aisle in a specific order to mark the beginning of a wedding ceremony. The processional often includes a permutation of the officiant, the wedding party, flower girls, ring bearers, and the bride and groom and their parents.

What are the different types of procession during the festal times?

There can be seen mainly two type of procession during the festal times. One is ambu prathishnam and other is procession surrounding the church. After the lathinj, there is procession surrounding the church with relics. At that time people is singing litany.

What are the different types of Rites of initiation?

In the rites of initiation there are varieties of procession such as, procession to the entrance to the church, procession from the entrance of the church to the bema, gospel procession, procession from the bema to the baptistery, procession from the baptistery to the entrance of the sanctuary.

What is the meaning of religious procession?

Religious procession is a procession that is led by religious leaders. Usually there are relics or other religious items and religious symbols carried prominently in the procession. A procession is a group of people who follow a designated path, usually through local streets, to a common ending point.

What are Extra Ordinary Processions?

Extra ordinary processions means, processions which are conducted in a particular situations and not clearly stated in the church laws. To conduct the extra ordinary processions permission should be granted by the respective bishops of the places. Extra ordinary processions cannot identify particularly.

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