What is a 72 in Texas?

What is a 72 in Texas?

State Highway 72 (SH 72) is a Texas state highway that runs approximately 111 miles (179 km) from near Fowlerton to Cuero in South Texas….Texas State Highway 72.

State Highway 72
West end SH 97 near Fowlerton
US 281 in Three Rivers I-37 near Three Rivers US 181 in Kenedy US 87 near Cuero

What is the highest highway in Texas?

The highest state-maintained highway is a spur from Texas 118 leading to the McDonald observatory on Mount Locke in West Texas. The highway is 6,791 feet above sea level.

Who owns the roads in Texas?

Private Roads, Driveways and Alleys: Driveways and private roads are owned and maintained by an individual, business, or other non-county entity and alleys are likely maintained by two adjoining property owners.

Is there an Interstate 5 in Texas?

State Highway 5 (SH 5) runs along the old route of U.S. Highway 75 at Howe into the city of Allen. SH 5 parallels US 75 along its length and runs alongside the former Houston and Texas Central rail line. SH 5 was created in 1959 when the new route of US 75 was established to the west.

What is the no pass no play rule in Texas?

Ross Perot’s legacy is a clear-cut rule about Texas high school sports: If a student can’t pass class, they can’t play. The law, with its catchy “No Pass, No Play” nickname, has been in place since 1984. Failing students had to sit out for six weeks. Not just games, but practice too.

Where can 14 year olds work Texas?

A child who is age 14 or 15 may be employed in the following occupations in retail, food service, and gasoline service establishments:

  • Office and clerical work (including operation of office machines)
  • Cashiering, selling, modeling, art work, work in advertising departments, window trimming and comparative shopping.

What does OSR stand for in Texas?

Old San Antonio Road
Texas State Highway OSR

State Highway OSR
Old San Antonio Road
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length 61.918 mi (99.647 km)

What does spur mean in Texas?

The term ‘spur’ or ‘spur route’ refers to a short roadway that forms a branch from a longer and more important road such as a major roadway or Interstate Highway. A bypass or beltway is not considered one because it reconnects with the major roadway. Spurs (and loops) are considered auxiliary routes.

Does China own our toll roads?

The Toll Roads are owned by the state of California and operated by The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA).

What does IH mean in Texas?

Interstate Highway
Interstate Highway (IH) A highway so designated by AASHTO.

What is the longest interstate in Texas?

IH 10
The longest Interstate Highway in Texas is IH 10, running for 878.7 miles between El Paso and Orange.

Which interstate is the longest?

Interstate 90
I-90: 3,020.44 miles Interstate 90, America’s longest Interstate Highway, spans from Boston, Massachusetts, to Seattle, Washington.

Where is SH 72 in Texas?

State Highway 72 (SH 72) is a Texas state highway that runs approximately 111 miles (179 km) from near Fowlerton to Cuero in South Texas.

How many business routes does SH 72 have?

SH 72 has one business route, Business SH 72-B in Kenedy, which is a former alignment of the state highway along Karnes Street through that city. The route was designated as Spur 542 on April 20, 1982, when SH 72 was rerouted to use Main Street. The route was changed to Business SH 72-B on June 21, 1990.

Where does SH 72 begin and end in three rivers?

The highway enters Three Rivers, where it intersects and runs concurrently with US 281 through the city center. After separating from US 281, SH 72 takes a more northeasterly trajectory for the remainder of its journey.

How do i Zoom in and out on the TxDOT map?

The default view that displays whenever the application is launched shows the entire state with the TxDOT districts outlined in green. To zoom in, double click on the map or press the + button (top left side of map). To zoom out, right click on the map or press the – button (top left side of map).

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