Are there any Rax Roast Beef left?

Are there any Rax Roast Beef left?

Rax Roast Beef. At its peak in the 1980s, this Arby’s rival had 504 restaurants. But then the company shifted much of its focus to its salad bar and lost customers. Stores closed. Rivals bought some restaurants and converted them, but the chain has survived.

What happened to Rax Roast Beef?

Rax was originally known as “JAX Roast Beef”, founded by Jack Roschman in 1967, in Springfield, Ohio. In 1969, Roschman sold the chain to General Foods, who then changed the name of the restaurants to “RIX Roast Beef”. General Foods ran the chain until 1978, when most of the restaurants closed down.

When did Rax Roast Beef go out of business?

In 1994, Rax became a Hardee’s franchisee. Hardee’s holding company was going to convert all the old Rax restaurants into Hardee’s by 1997, but that never panned out, because Rax went bankrupt again in 1996!

Where are the Rax Roast Beef locations?

Joliet, Illinois. 2136 West Jefferson Street.

  • Harlan, Kentucky. 3189 South US Highway 421.
  • Circleville, Ohio. 24585 US Highway 23.
  • Chillicothe, Ohio (Coming Soon) 1007 East Main Street.
  • Georgetown, Ohio. 758 East State Street.
  • Ironton, Ohio. 2250 South 3rd Street.
  • Lancaster, Ohio. 800 East Main Street.
  • West Union, Ohio.
  • Is Rax and Arbys?

    Rax is Arby’s. Finkel is Einhorn. If you disparage Arby’s, and I’m compelled to defend it, I’m really just sticking up for an old friend.

    How many Rax Roast Beef locations?

    5Rax Roast Beef / Number of locations

    Are Arby’s and Rax the same?

    Rax Roast Beef was born in 1967 in Springfield, OH, three years after the first Arby’s location opened in Ironton, Ohio. Rix changed the brand name to Rax, opened the first Rax branded restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, and began rapidly expanding the brand.

    Is Roy Rogers restaurant still in business?

    The Roy Rogers chain was sold in 1990 to Imasco, then the parent company of Hardee’s, and experienced severe decline as many locations were converted to Hardee’s stores….Roy Rogers Restaurants.

    Trade name Roy Rogers Restaurants
    Owner Plamondon Companies
    Parent Marriott Corp. (1968–1990) Imasco (1990–2002) Plamondon Enterprises (2002–Present)

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    How many Rax locations are there?

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