What is a 30/30 scope reticle?

What is a 30/30 scope reticle?

The 30/30 reticle is similar to a standard duplex reticle. The definition of a 30/30 reticle is at 4X power, the total distance of the inner duplex crosshairs is 30 inches at 100 yards.

Do you need a scope for 30-30?

The . 30-30 Winchester has an effective range of around 200 yards, which means you do not need that much in terms of scope power. A scope with a maximum magnification of 7x or 9x will be the best choice.

What magnification do I need for 1000 yards?

10X magnification
Magnification Your long range rifle scope needs to deliver enough magnification to resolve targets out to 1,000 yards. As a minimum, you should be able to make a 1,000-yard target appear as though it is no further than 100 yards. This takes at least 10X magnification.

What is a Truplex reticle?

The simple Truplex reticle presents a clean sight picture that doesn’t obscure the target. Lenses are anti-reflection multicoated for optimal light transmission and a sharp, clear image, and the 1″ maintube is water, shock, and fogproof. The exit pupil diameter is 13.3-4.4mm, and eye relief is a comfortable 3.5″.

How far can a Marlin 30/30 shoot?

30-30 would long ago have faded into obscurity. I mean, it’s certainly not a speed-demon, it doesn’t carry a huge payload, and its effective range is usually 200 yards, tops, especially considering the average barrel length and iron sights of most of the rifles it is chambered in.

What is eye relief on a scope?

Eye relief is the distance from the outer surface of the eyepiece lens to the position where the exit pupil is formed (eyepoint). Looking through binoculars from the eyepoint, you can obtain the whole field of view without vignetting.

How far can a 60x spotting scope See?

How far can you see with a 60x spotting scope? A spotting scope of such magnitude is the $90 Emarth 20-60X60. Its optical strengths actually lie in the 20-40X range, but to get you to 100 yards, it’s perfect.

Does Bushnell own Simmons?

—MidOcean Partners, a middle market private equity fund, and Bushnell Outdoor Products, a manufacturer of sports optics, premium eyewear, and outdoor accessories, have announced that its portfolio company, Bushnell, has acquired the Simmons brand and certain other assets of Simmons Outdoor Corporation from Meade …

Is the 30-30 obsolete?

As for the question about the . 30-30 Winchester being obsolete, obsolescence or outdated — the answer is an emphatic “no.”

Is .223 the same as 30-30?

30/30 firing 150-grain bullets delivers about 30 percent of additional foot-pounds of energy out to 200 yards over a . 223 shooting 55-grain bullets. 223 falls off 3.2 inches at 200 yards, compared to 6.5 inches from the . 30/30.

What is a 30/30 range-finding reticle?

The Scopes duplex or 30/30 range-finding reticle is based on a “APEX to APEX” area of 30 inches at 100 yds @ 4x power. The average size buck has a body of 30 inches in scope at 100 yards; so if it appears to fill the point to point area @ 4x power it is 100 yds away.

What size scope do I need for a 30 30?

.30-30 rifles are designed to shoot at medium to close range. Their firing power and cartridge size are best suited for hitting targets between 100-150 yards. Scopes with lower magnification settings around 4-8x are the best for this rifle. Should I use rings on a one-piece mount?

What are the best scopes for 30-30 lever-action rifles?

This Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC) is one of the Best Scopes for 30-30 lever-action rifles. The scope features a special BDC reticle which enables you to take shots without having to manually adjust your elevation.

What is a BDC reticle scope?

The scope features a special BDC reticle which enables you to take shots without having to manually adjust your elevation. This scope is compact and has a magnification setting of 3x-9x which are ideal for hunting at close to medium ranges.

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