How fast do Star Sapphire cichlids grow?

How fast do Star Sapphire cichlids grow?

It usually takes about eight months to reach this size as this species doesn’t grow super fast. The Star Sapphire Cichlid will excavate a small pit in which they spawn. Females are usually good holders and will typically hold to term, which is about three weeks.

How big do Star Sapphire cichlids get?

It takes two to three years for Star Sapphire Cichlid to become an adult with their gorgeous look, but it is worth it. A full size male is around 10 inches. The fish turn solid blue at around three inches. When they are four to five inches in size, they start getting their spots.

Do female African cichlids have egg spots?

Most African cichlids have egg spots. These can either be subtle blotches or clear circles. Certain species of synodontis catfish will try to eat the cichlid’s eggs while the couple is breeding.

Do Jack Dempseys grow fast?

The adult Electric Blue Jack Dempsey size is between 8-12 inches, which is almost half the size of the Bala Shark, which grows to a minimum of 15 inches. The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey growth rate is very fast, around a couple of inches every year.

What is the difference between Placido-Chromis phenochilus and Placidochromis Tanzania?

The true Placido- chromis phenochilus gets its name from its unique lips, which are white (phenol = phenotype, chilus= lips (Trewavas, 1935)). This feature is lacking in Placidochromis sp. “phenochilus Tanzania”. Placidochromis phenochilus also lacks the beautiful white blotch- ing of Placidochromis sp.

What is the scientific name of the Blue Star in Tanzania?

Instead, males will be covered in light blue sparkles, reminding us of an elegant constellation embedded in a sapphire gemstone. Scientific Name: Placidochromis sp. Phenochilus Tanzania

Where can I find Placidochromis in Malawi?

Placidochromis sp. “phenochilus Tanzania” is found in the north-ern part of Lake Malawi along the Tanzanian coast between Ma-konde and Lupingu (Konings, 2007). This fish is found over the open sand where it feeds. The Star Sapphire Cichlid has an ex-

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