What does the saying Green Weenie mean?

What does the saying Green Weenie mean?

When he was in the Army, he says, if you were mistreated or given some lousy task, you were said to have been given “the green weenie.” And if it was really bad, then it was “the green weenie with oak leaf clusters.”

What is the big green weenie Army?

It refers to soldiers’ love/hate relationship with the Army. When the Army does something that they do not care for or that negatively impacts them, soldiers blame the Green Weenie: “I just got transferred to Fort Sill; man, got screwed by the Green Weenie again.”

How do you fish a green weenie?

There are also jig style green weenies tied on bent hooks that present horizontally in the water. They can be fished like nymphs on a fly rod or you can suspend them under a float using a spinning rod and reel. If you’re going for panfish just cast them out to where the fish are and follow them down as they sink.

Where did the term green weenie come from?

The superstition began during a 1966 game against the Houston Astros, when Whelan shouted from the dugout at Astros’ pitcher Dave Giusti, “You’re gonna walk him!” while waving a green rubber hot dog in the direction of the pitcher’s mound. Giusti did walk the batter, and the Astros lost the game.

What does Greenie mean in the military?

US. 1Military. slang With the. An unpleasant, unfair, or undesirable situation or event. Often in figurative phrases, as the means by which this is inflicted upon someone.

Why do soldiers say negative instead of no?

Yes, armed forces do use the term “negative” to mean “no”. The rationale is simple. In an earlier time, radio communication was difficult due to weak signal, interference, additional noise, etc. One had to listen quite closely to ensure understanding of what was being said.

What is a mop fly?

A mop fly imitates a grub or insect larvae that you would find in a moist area on land or hatching in a body of water. The grubs or larvae are no more than an inch long. These flies are made out of old mops, rugs or other tough material laying around your house.

Where did the term greenie come from?

(US, Wyoming, derogatory, slang) A person from Colorado; after the color of the Colorado license plate. quotations ▼ (informal) An unripe fruit. quotations ▼

What were greenies in Vietnam?

Kiley says that the Green Berets, or “Greenies,” were a secretive unit that operated largely outside of the normal command-and-control structure of other military personnel in Vietnam, often going out on clandestine, weeks-long excursions into the jungle.

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