What does the Aflpa do?

What does the Aflpa do?

Players welfare is the primary function of AFLPA, and it aims to ensure the sustainability and integrity of the game by investing in the personal development of past, present and future AFL footballers.

What is the average AFL career?

The career span for the average AFL player is 30 games or 2.9 years (Wood, 2003; Kelly & Hickey, 2005).

How much do AFL player agents make?

Typically agents won’t charge a fee during a player’s first season or if they are on a rookie contract. From their second year on a list, it’s usually in the 2% to five per cent range on any football payments a player earns. In relation to any commercial or promotional activities, the typical rate is 20 per cent.

How do you become an AFL agent?

The accreditation process forms part of the AFLPA Professional Certificate (Player Agent), a two-day course that concludes with the Agent Accreditation Entrance Exam. This course is held once a year in June. The course aims to educate participants on the key aspects of player management in the AFL environment.

Who is in the Aflpa?

The AFLPA Board consists of Patrick Dangerfield (President), Phil Davis (Vice President), Leah Kaslar, Annalyse Lister, Neville Jetta, Tom Jonas, Darcy Moore, Ed Curnow, Paul Marsh (AFLPA CEO), past player Chris Heffernan and Andrew Twaits (Independent Chair).

Do AFL players have a union?

In 1990, the union’s name changed to the AFL Players’ Association to mirror the national change in the competition. That year was also significant because it was the first year that a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) was negotiated.

What age AFL players retire?

“With the average age of retired or delisted players being 25 and a half years, the importance of maximising their time in the game has never been greater and we are proud of the partnership we have with the AFL Players Association.”

Who is the youngest AFL player?

When he made his league debut with Collingwood in 1953 aged just fifteen years and two hundred and ninety-seven days Keith Bromage became the youngest VFL footballer ever.

How do you become a sports agent in Australia?

However, there are a few essential steps that every aspiring sports manager needs to take, in order to kick-start your career.

  1. Study a diploma, bachelor or a masters degree in sports management.
  2. Get an internship or work placement.
  3. Get some experience.
  4. Find your niche and get your certificates.
  5. Build and use your network.

What skills do you need to be a AFL player?


  • Handball. Handballing is an integral skill of the game and has the potential to be just as effective as a kick.
  • Kicking.
  • Making the smother.
  • Overhead mark.
  • Picking up the ball.
  • Ruckwork.
  • Snap at goal.
  • Stoppages.

What do AFL player agents do?

TYPE OF AGENT a) Player Agents who’s primary involvement with the player is to negotiate the player’s Playing contract with his AFL club.

Who is the best captain in AFL?

Marcus Bontempelli has taken out this year’s coveted Leigh Matthews Trophy as the AFL Players’ Association’s Most Valuable Player for 2021.

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