What does crazy mean in a good way?

What does crazy mean in a good way?

You can use “crazy” in a sort of positive way, for example: “Tom’s crazy about Beyonce”. That means Tom likes her VERY much, so much that he becomes excited and perhaps even irrational.

What does Suay mak mak mean?

You’re very pretty. Khun suay mak mak. You’re cute.

Is there a good kind of crazy?

Good kind of crazy is innovators, entrepreneurs and anyone else who has to lie to themselves so maybe just maybe they weren’t crazy after all in building it. Bad kind of crazy has special characters in it. It could be the cop who’s corrupt or the enabler of that corruption.

What Lakorn means?

Lakorn are a popular genre of fiction in Thai television. They are known in Thai as ละครโทรทัศน์ (RTGS: lakhon thorathat, lit. “television drama”) or ละคร (lakhon, pronounced [la. kʰɔːn], or lakorn).

What does Khun Chai mean?

Ai Koon-Chai is the way Ae sarcastically calls Pete. Ae’s personality is pretty dull and blunt. So he hardly speaks politely to his friends. But the way he calls “Koon Chai” is not a compliment to Pete either. It’s a sarcasm.

What are the bad words in Thai?

8 TOP 20 BAD THAI WORDS 10 “jǔu” is the word for “penis” but it’s another very bad word. Thai people therefore like to call him “nɔɔng-chaai” (น้องชาย, little brother) a lot. 12 “hǐi” is the word for “pussy” and another very bad one. Thai people therefore like to call her “nɔɔng-sǎao” (น้องสาว, little sister) a lot.

What are some essential Thai phrases?

No collection of essential Thai phrases would be complete without sawatdee, the all-purpose Thai salutation. No need to bother distinguishing between “good morning” and “good evening”, “hello” and “goodbye”: sawatdee covers them all. But there are alternatives for parting, like chohk dee, meaning “good luck”.

What does it mean to take it easy in Thai?

The first phrase roughly translates to “it doesn’t matter”, the second to “no problem.”. Together, they typify the Thai approach to life: don’t get bogged down by small obstacles, don’t worry, take it easy.

What does the Thai word’jai’mean?

Exhibit B in the case for Thai sentimentalism – the close etymological connection between Thai words meaning “heart” and “mind”. Jai, “mind”, spawns the word hua jai, “heart”. The word jai forms a number of compounds that describe human emotions.

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