What types of wood grain can the drum sander sand?

What types of wood grain can the drum sander sand?

The five grits of abrasive available for the drum sander are 16, 24, 36, 60 and 80. The grits available for the edger are 12, 16, 20, 36, 60, and 80.

What is a sanding drum used for?

Sanding cylinders, mounted on their reusable drums, can be used on a drill press or on the end of a flexible rotating shaft. They allow effective and clean sanding on small, round or oddly shaped workpieces.

Can you use a drum sander against the grain?

Kevin Hancock: Absolutely not. Sometimes it is the only way it can be sanded. Use a finer grit than you usually would as cross grain sanding tends to cut faster. Sanding up to about 320-400 grit will make most of those sanding scratches disappear under the finish.

How do you use a drill press as a Sander?

Turn your drill press into a drum sander by making your own spindles to hold sandpaper. This easy afternoon workshop project is great for sanding inside a concave curve, a difficult task for belt or random orbital sanders.

Can bobobbinsander use the Sander bobbin spindle?

BOBBINSANDER DO NOT use this machine unless a teacher has instructed you in its safe use and operation and has given permission Author COOPER, Philip CLARK, Brian Created Date 06/03/2018 16:43:00 Title Safe operating procedure – Sander bobbin spindle

How do you use a drum sander?

Since there is a small gap between the bottom of the drum and the drill press table, make sure to place a small piece of plywood under the piece you are sanding to raise it up off the drill press table and fully engage with the sanding drum. Drum sanders are great for getting into tight spaces to sand where a belt or random orbital sander can’t.

What is the threaded rod for the drill press?

The threaded rod will be the shaft the drum rides on when inserted into the drill press. You’ll need a length long enough for whatever the drum height is, plus a ½” on the bottom of the drum for a retaining nut and about 2-3″ above the drum for the second retaining nut and enough shaft to be inserted into the press chuck.

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