Is the Gordon River cruise worth it?

Is the Gordon River cruise worth it?

Re: Gordon River Cruise – worth it? Yes, it’s an amazingly beautiful harbour and river with a couple of stops to see huon pine and at Sarah Island. well worth it. In fact, there’s not much point in going to Strahan if you don’t do the cruise and/or the West Coast Wilderness Railway trip.

How long is the Gordon River cruise?

approx 6 hours
TIMING AND DURATION Total tour duration is approx 6 hours.

Where does Gordon River cruise leave from?

The award-winning Gordon River Cruise departs from Strahan and takes guests into the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Cruising the Gordon River on the purpose-built Spirit of the Wild, you experience ‘Whisper Mode’ – quiet cruising under the power of the vessel’s electric motors.

What time does the Gordon River cruise leave?

Departs 9am Daily Lunch included, featuring Tasmanian produce.

Who owns Gordon River Cruises?

Gordon River Cruises is among the latest major tourism experiences acquired by National Roads Motorist’s Association (NRMA). The deal with Royal Automotive Club of Tasmania (RACT) also included Freycinet Lodge, Cradle Mountain Hotel and Strahan Village.

What is there to see between Hobart and Strahan?

Best stops along Strahan to Hobart drive

  • West Coast Wilderness Railway (Queenstown Station) Tours. Railroad company.
  • Roamwild Tasmania. Tour operator. Tours.
  • Nelson Falls. On 1 list.
  • Marions Lookout. On 1 list.
  • Lake St Clair. Lake.
  • The Wall. Sculpture.
  • Tarraleah Power Station. Hydroelectric power plant.
  • Horseshoe Falls. On 1 list.

How do you get to Sarah Island?

Sarah Island is accessible via cruise boats which operate from Strahan. There are cruises each day of the year which include the lower reaches of the Gordon River and often take in the narrow entrance to Macquarie Harbour, known as Hells Gates. Yachts can also be chartered to reach the island.

What is the number one tourist attraction in Tasmania?

Salamanca Market – Hobart. Tasmania’s most visited attraction, held every Saturday morning in Hobart.

  • kunanyi / Mt Wellington. A wilderness experience just 20 minutes from Hobart.
  • Museum of Old and New Art – Mona.
  • Port Arthur Heritage-Listed Historic Site.
  • Freycinet National Park and Great Oyster Bay.
  • Is it worth visiting Strahan Tasmania?

    Make no mistake – Strahan is a flourishing harbour side village. There’s so much history, scenic beauty and welcoming love to tourists from those who call this area home. The journey around the vast Macquarie Harbour, a waterway six times larger than Sydney Harbour, is a must for every visitor.

    What happened at Sarah Island?

    Sarah Island was established in the remote reaches of Macquarie Harbour in 1821. The island was used as a penal settlement where convicts laboured under the harshest conditions in the rainforest, felling Huon pines for boat building.

    Why is it called Sarah Island?

    In about 1815, when James Kelly sailed through Hell’s Gates to be the first European to visit Macquarie Harbour, he named Sarah Island after Sarah Birch, the wife of the merchant who had paid for the voyage.

    What happened to Tasmanians?

    The Palawa population suffered a drastic drop in numbers within three decades, so that by 1835 only some 400 full-blooded Tasmanian Aboriginal people survived, most of this remnant being incarcerated in camps where all but 47 died within the following 12 years.

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