How do you store your sunglasses case?

How do you store your sunglasses case?

Keep your sunglasses handy by storing the case on top of your dresser, or put away sunglasses that you don’t wear often in a case in the top of your closet or beneath your bed.

Where do you keep your sunglasses when not wearing them?

Hang them On Your Shirt / Top Another easy way to store your shades quickly when you don’t need them for vision is to hook them onto your shirt or top. This is a great way of wearing them when you’re not wearing them – and it looks super stylish for both men and women.

Where should I keep my sunglasses?

Some good places to store both glasses and sunglasses include:

  • In a Case. One of the most commonly used and safest locations for either your prescription eyeglasses or your casually worn sunglasses is in an eyeglass case.
  • Glasses Storage Containers.
  • In a Drawer.
  • Hanging Up.
  • Glasses Stand.
  • Tray or Basket.

What kind of case do you use for your eyeglasses?

Sunglass Case – Hard Glasses Case for Medium to Large Frames, Eyeglass case Hard shell with Drawstring Pouch and Cleaning cloth (AS87 TD Black & White) MyEyeglassCase Large Hard Sunglasses Case, Eyeglass Case for Large to Extra Large curved Frames with Drawstring Pouch & Cleaning cloth (AS413 Black)

What are the best Sunglass straps for eyeglasses?

Holdie Eyeglass Retainer Chain 7. Ukes Premium Sunglass Strap 8. Chums 5mm Universal Fit Eyewear Retainer 9. Relentless Tactical Sunglass Straps 10. Leyaron Universal Eyewear Retainer 1. Chums Original Cotton Eyewear Retainer

Why do you need a sunglass case?

A sunglass case protects your sunglasses from scratches, bending, breaking, or getting lost. With a proper protective case, your sunglasses will keep scratch-free and safe. Nowadays, you can buy stylish sunglasses case to match your fashion sunglasses.

What is the size of a hard glasses case?

Hard Cases Sizes are like Inside Inch: 2″ W x 5 3/4″ L x 1″ H – Inside mm: 55 W x 150 L x 30 H which you will find in our products description also. Just know the size of your glasses and have one hard glasses case from our site.

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