Is Stylenanda owned by Loreal?

Is Stylenanda owned by Loreal?

Stylenanda & 3CE – L’Oréal Group – Consumer Products Division.

Who is the owner of 3CE?

Kim So-hee. Kim created Nanda in 2004 in her early 20s with the help of her mother and aunt as an online secondhand market for women’s apparel. Today the company has an online and an offline global presence with three brands: Stylenanda and KKXX (both clothing lines), and 3CE (cosmetics).

Who bought Stylenanda?

Clichy, 2 May 2018 – L’Oréal announces the acquisition of 100% of Nanda Co. Ltd., the Korean lifestyle make-up and fashion company founded by Kim So-Hee in Seoul in 2004.

Who owns style Korean?

Ltd. One of its flagship stores is located in Myeong-dong, Seoul in South Korea….Stylenanda.

Industry Retail
Area served Worldwide
Products Fashions and Cosmetics
Owner Kim So Hee

What is Stylenanda known for?

Stylenanda is the name of a very popular Korean brand with a very distinctive style. They carry casual, formal, unique, edgy clothing for women as well as a line of makeup, and have very beautiful models with a specific “stylenanda” look and feel that you will start to recognize!

Who is the model for 3ce?

According to the source of news in fashion, the representative model who was created by this brand is Kong Sua. Not only in the field of model, she showed her face as a “sweet syrup lady” in a television program “Martian Virus”.

Is Stylenanda Korean brand?

Stylenanda(Korean: 스타일난다) is a South Korea-based make-up and fashion brand that is owned by L’Oréal. Stylenanda was founded in 2004 by Nanda, owned by Kim So Hee. It had further expanded internationally and established branches in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan and Thailand.

Does style Korean ship to Australia?

All parcels from StyleKorean are shipped from Korea….Free Shipping.

Country Australia
Couriers PARXL
Price(Over than) 80 USD
Shipping Fee Free

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