What is EPS attach in LTE?

What is EPS attach in LTE?

It means that UE performs registration for LTE network and Non-LTE network (e.g, WCDMA or GSM) simultaneously. The idea of Combined Attach is to perform the attach process for LTE and Legacy Network simultaneously. This attach method is specified in Attach Request and Attach Accept as follows.

What is attach in telecom?

Attach procedure may trigger one or multiple Dedicated Bearer Establishment procedures to establish dedicated EPS bearer for that UE. During the LTE Initial Attach procedure, the Mobile Equipment Identity is obtained from the UE. The MME operator may check the Mobile Equipment Identity with EIR.

What is EPS only attach?

The result “EPS only” indicates that the attach request for EPS services (only) has been successful but attach for non-EPS services or “SMS only” (if requested by the UE in the ATTACH REQUEST) has failed.

What is combine attach?

‘Combined Attach’ means the MS is making an attach to the CS and PS domains in the same time. And this will save the radio resources of the network. This will be available if the Gs interface exists between the CS domain and the PS domain. In addition, the MS should support working in both CS and PS domains.

What is attach type in LTE?

There are three different types of attach as listed below. EPS attach : indicate the attach for EPS services only) Combined EPS/IMSI attach : indicate the attach for both EPS and non-EPS services. EPS emergency attach : indicate the attach for emergency bearer services.

What are LTE interfaces?

Within an LTE network, LTE Interfaces connect the various components to or within the core. Interfaces allow the MME, SGW and PGW to cooperate with other network elements (e.g. HSS or PCRF). Each one of them is built in a standard way described by 3GPP.org.

What are bearers in LTE?

In a mobile network using the Long Term Evolution (LTE) architecture, bearers are the tunnels used to connect the user equipment to Packet Data Networks (PDNs) such as the Internet. In practice, bearers are concatenated tunnels that connect the user equipment to the PDN through the Packet Data Network Gateway (P-GW).

What are EPS services?

LTE EPS is a connection-oriented transmission network and, as such, it requires the establishment of a “virtual” connection between two endpoints (e.g. a UE and a PDN-GW) This virtual connection is called an “EPS Bearer” It provides a “bearer service”, i.e. a transport service with specific QoS attributes.

How many types attach in LTE?

three different types
There are three different types of attach as listed below….Attach Type.

Direction Message
UE <– NW RRC : RRC Connection Reconfiguration + NAS : Attach Accept + NAS : Activate Default EPS Bearer Context Req

What is the use of Rx interface?

The Rx interface is used to exchange Flow Based Charging control information between the Charging Rules Function (CRF) and the Application Function (AF). As defined in the stage 2 specifications (3GPP TS 23.125 [2]), this information is used by the CRF for the Flow Based Charging (FBC) decisions.

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What is attach type in a network?

The Attach Type indicates the purpose of the attach and as in most of other procedure, the attach type is also determined by a kind of mutual agreement between UE and Network. It means that UE indicates the attatch type I want to get and Network finaly determines available attach type and informs it to UE as in following procedure.

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