How do you fix a duplex paper jam?

How do you fix a duplex paper jam?

FAQs & Troubleshooting

  1. Open the back output tray.
  2. Use both hands to slowly pull the jammed paper out of the fuser unit.
  3. Close the back output tray.
  4. Pull the duplex tray and paper tray out of the printer.
  5. Pull the jammed paper out of the printer.
  6. Put the duplex tray and paper tray back in the printer.

Why does my laser printer keep jamming?

The most common reason for printer jams is probably because you’ve overfilled the paper tray – do not fill it up completely, and remember to always leave some space in the printer tray. Keep to using one type of paper in each stack, and try not to mix several different types of paper in one stack.

What causes paper jams in copiers?

So here are the most common causes: Paper inserted incorrectly. Sheets stuck together, folded or frayed paper, and an overloaded tray can all create problems. Even using the wrong type of paper can cause paper jams.

What is a duplexer cover?

Duplex outlet covers, also known as duplex receptacle covers, are used to cover electrical plugs. All of these wall plates are made in the USA and come with matching screws. Available in a wide range of finishes, you’re sure to find cover plates to coordinate with your home decor.

How do you fix a paper jam problem?

Cause and Solution

  1. Slowly pull the paper out, either from the Rear Tray or from the Paper Output Slot, whichever is easier.
  2. Open the Rear Cover.
  3. Pull the paper out slowly.
  4. Close the Rear Cover.
  5. Reload the paper, and press the RESUME/CANCEL button on the printer.

How do I remove the duplexer from my HP printer?

Part 1: Remove the used duplexer

  1. Press the power button to turn off the product.
  2. On the left side of the printer, press down on the latch at the top of the access door and pull the door open.
  3. Pull the duplexer out of the product. note:
  4. Set the used duplexer aside.

What is the duplexer in a printer?

A double-engine duplexer means that both sides of the media are printed simultaneously. With this method, a conductor belt generates a picture of both sides of the print job using the data retrieved from your PC.

How do you remove a jammed paper from a printer?

If paper is jammed in the output bin, grasp the leading edge and remove it. If paper is jammed in Tray 1, gently pull the paper straight out, and then press the OK button to clear the message. If you cannot remove the paper, or if no jammed paper is visible in Tray 1, close Tray 1 and open the right door.

What are the different types of Paper Jam?

Delay Jam: A delay jam occurs when paper does not reach a sensor in the expected amount of time. Fuser Wrap Jam: A fuser wrap jam occurs when the fuser detects the leading edge of the paper, but not the trailing edge. Residual Jam: Residual jams occur when paper is detected in a sensor at power-on or door-close.

How do I fix the jam-access door on my printer?

Close the jam-access door, and push the fuser completely into the printer. Make sure the pick roller cover is closed. In some cases the printer will show a ” 13.20.00 Jam in right door ” error message when powering-up, but there is no paper stuck in this area. This is usually caused by a misplaced pick-roller cover located in the right door.

What should I do if the paper is jammed inside the fuser?

If paper is jammed inside the fuser, gently pull it straight up to remove it and remove any torn paper fragments. Close the jam-access door, and push the fuser completely into the printer. Make sure the pick roller cover is closed.

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