What is impasto 48?

What is impasto 48?

Impasto 48, is the Italian word for dough and the 48 stands for the 48 hours we leave our dough to proof before we use it ensuring the perfect pizza every time. = ‘the secret behind the pizza’. A little about us… We are open 7 days of the week. ‘Impasto 48’ was established in 2019 by Sean Carroll & Giorgio Lisi (Master Baker).

What is an impasto pizza?

The name ‘Impasto’ translates into english as ‘dough’ and ‘48’ is the hours we leave our dough to ferment. This is to ensure the dough for each pizza is perfect every time. ‘The secret behind the pizza’.

How to make a perfect pizza with pesto?

Dust the hot trays or pizza stone with semolina, then transfer the bases to the trays. Divide the pesto between the bases and spread to coat. Toss the potatoes with the rest of the olive oil, season, then scatter them on top of the pizzas. Tear up the mozzarella and poke it between the potato, then throw on a few basil leaves.

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