How do I learn FactSet?

How do I learn FactSet?

The FactSet Support Desk is available through phone, email, or in-application instant message. Ongoing learning opportunities are available through on-demand, live training sessions and the FactSet Certificates of Completion—both online and in many of our offices.

Why do you want to work for FactSet?

Our Benefits Around the globe, FactSet fosters a workplace environment that is simultaneously hardworking, flexible, and fun. Employees hold themselves to high standards but also enjoy a host of benefits that help us do our jobs better and smarter.

How do I get my FactSet certification?

How to get Factset Certification

  1. Go to If you’re not logged in to FactSet already, you’ll be prompted to log in.
  2. Click on Getting Started in the top menu, under Catalog.
  3. FactSet Core Certification is the first item. As you pass courses, they will show up in your transcript.

What does a consultant do at FactSet?

Consultant role is more of a technology position than finance. You will be working with clients to help with research/problem solving from a technology standpoint and not from a strategic finance position.

What is the business of FactSet?

FactSet Research System is a financial data and software company that provides research for Wall Street professionals and individual investors. FactSet combines data from a variety of financial information resources into one source, available to users online.

How long does it take to get FactSet certified?

The course content takes about two hours to complete and learners are allowed a maximum of two attempts at completing the exam. This course is designed for FactSet subscribers only.

Where does FactSet get its data?

50 local exchange vendors, including Euronext Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Nikkei Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Stock Exchange, NYSE Stock Exchange, Switzerland Stock Exchange, and Toronto Stock Exchange. Multiple alternative asset benchmark vendors covering a variety of asset types, including: CDS – IHS Markit.

How many certificates of completion does FactSet offer?

FACTSET CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION FACTSET CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION FactSet offers four certificates of completion that allow you to take a deeper dive into FactSet products and elevate your position by being well-versed in one of the dominant products in the financial investment space.

Why work at FactSet?

Over the past four decades, FactSet has maintained its goal of providing exceptional client service to an expanding roster of global professionals. In support of this goal, we’ve continued to build out our network of office locations.

How many offices does FactSet have?

Today, FactSet has 48 offices across 22 countries on six continents. Our diverse global community encourages collaboration and the unique blend of perspectives, experiences, and cultures makes us stronger and better prepared to deliver superior solutions to clients. We’re Proud to be a Global Company

What is happening at London training centre?

London Training Centre continues to serve our clients and the community. Beginning Monday March 1, we return to in person services by appointment with safety protocols in place. In-person and virtual appointments are available for employment services.

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