How do I find census tract data?

How do I find census tract data?

In this Data Gem, you will learn a few tricks about how to access these data for tracts and blocks using two easy-to-use tools: and the 2020 Census Demographic Map Viewer. You will have access to population, race, Hispanic origin, housing occupancy, and group quarters population data.

How do I find census tract and block group?

The easiest way to search for a census tract or block group is to copy the code from another source, or from PolicyMap….

  1. Go to PolicyMap and clear any data layer.
  2. Search for a general geography your area would be located in (e.g. city, county, zip code, or actual address).
  3. Click on the location of your area.

What is geo mapping used for?

Geo-mapping, or geo-marketing, uses location knowledge to frame marketing efforts. It uses digital mapping to organize and display data for review and decision-making. The digital map allows you to analyze the data by geographic regions, like a suburban area bordering a city.

What is a census tract map?

Census tracts are geographic entities within counties (or the statistical equivalent of counties). Census tracts within a county are identified by a 4-digit basic code between 0001 and 9999, and may have a 2-digit suffix ranging from . 01 to . 98; for example, 6059.02.

How often are census tracts updated?

Census tracts “are small, relatively permanent statistical subdivisions of a county or equivalent entity that are updated by local participants prior to each decennial census as part of the Census Bureau’s Participant Statistical Areas Program.

What is the size of a Census Tract Map?

The map sheet size is 36 by 32 inches. Each set of census tract reference maps is accompanied by a Census Tract to Map Sheet relationship file. These semi-colon delimited text files include a record for each census tract within the county, consisting of the code and name of the tract, and a list of all map sheet numbers that the tract appears on.

How many characters are in a census tract code?

In addition to the 11-character census tract full code, each record contains the codes for the corresponding state, county, and census tract. A catalog file including the file name, entity name, and total number of map sheets is provided in the directory for each state.

When was the first census taken in Illinois?

Although the territory had not yet been legally established, census data for Illinois are available beginning with the 1800 census. The 1810 population is for the entire area of the Illinois Territory, including territory not in the present state.

How many congressional districts does Illinois have?

For the 111 th Congress (January 2009-January 2011), Illinois had 19 congressional districts. For the 113 th Congress (January 2013-January 2015), Illinois has 18 congressional districts as a result of reapportionment based on the 2010 Census.

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