Did Nick Cannon play drums in drumline?

Did Nick Cannon play drums in drumline?

Nick Cannon did his own drumming on screen while his double, Jason Price, did majority of the close-ups with complex techniques. Nick Cannon prepared for his role by practicing in a hotel suite with his double and drummer, Jason Price, as well as sleeping with the drumsticks tied to his hands.

What does Dr Lee mean when he says one band one sound?

In the movie, the phrase “One Band, One Sound,” is spoken by the Band Director to the drum corp. The message is that every band is unique and has their own sound. No two bands should or will sound alike.

Who is Devon’s roommate in drumline?

5 Who came in and helped Devon polish the drums after the rehearsal when Jason lost his spot to his roommate? Jason lost a section challenge to his roommate, Donnell Jones, before the Homecoming Game. However he ended up winning his spot back in another challenge the practice before the BET Classics.

Is drumline based on a true story?

The late Kim Porter inspired the plotline behind the 2002 hit movie Drumline – a motion picture that starred Zoe Saldana and Nick Cannon as teens who find romance through their love of the arts. Dallas Austin revealed the story was based on his relationship with Porter – who passed away aged 47 on November 15 – in an.

Who said one sound band?

Dr. Lee
The phrase “one band, one sound” was delivered repeatedly in the 2002 movie Drum Line by the character Dr. Lee, band director at fictional Atlanta A University.

What is the last rule of the rule book?

Devon keeps showing off, making Sean angry. He neglects to read the rule book, but the last rule in the rule book is “if you don’t read this rule book, your head will be shaved.” Whoops! Hubris, thy name is Devon.

Was Will Smith in drumline?

Jimmy Fallon’s first ‘Tonight Show’ stars Rutgers drumline, U2 and Will Smith. Tonight wasn’t just about Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Robert De Niro and Lady Gaga. The Rutgers University Drumline also appeared in the star-studded lineup for the first episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Who was the girl drummer in drumline?

Drumline: A New Beat follows another drummer as she attends that same university and works became the first female to lead the school’s drumline. It’s incredible to see a female drummer in any movie is awesome, let alone the main protagonist in a sequel to a major movie. The character is played by Alexandra Shipp.

Did they make a drumline 2?

Drumline: A New Beat is a 2014 American television film directed by Bille Woodruff. It is the sequel to 2002’s Drumline. The film premiered on VH1 on October 21, 2014 and released to DVD on March 3, 2015.

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