How to make money with academic writing jobs

Job opportunities for freelance academic writer

Do you want to make money on the Internet, but don’t know how? Are you hard-working, responsible, patient, literate and able to finish work in time? Then here’s good news for you.

Have you ever wondered about where all the texts on the Internet come from? Articles on websites, news, descriptions of the products or services are results of someone’s work. So here we go.

There are some ways to earn money with academic writing jobs, doing freelance work and having a flexible schedule.

The first is rewriting

To rewrite means to remake a text in other words but without changing the meaning for use in other publication. Sounds easy? Not so fast!

Besides the content must be interesting and useful, it must be absolutely unique (typically 95%). For this aim, rewriters use multiple resources and plagiarism checkers.

Beyond that, there are some ways of rewriting: synonymizing, rewording and a total remaking of a text. The last one is the best as it’s the most qualitative.

How to do a qualitative rewrite:

  1. At first, read an original text;
  2. Make a plan;
  3. Retell the text in your own words, following the plan;
  4. Reread the text;
  5. Add some sub-headings for easy reading;
  6. Correct the spelling and punctuation mistakes.

And don’t forget to check for plagiarism! There are plenty of websites that will be helpful.

Via various websites for job search, you’ll be able to find one-time tasks as well as permanent customers.

Another way is copywriting

Copywriting is creating text on order, from scratch. Usually, the texts are commercial or presentational, but that’s not everything. The more topics you’re aware of, the better. Literacy and hard-work are required for the job, and marketing skills would be your ultimate advantage.

The copywriter’s job is to send a text complied with the requirements in due time. The length and topic of the text as other terms are usually spelt out in advance. Such kind of jobs is possible to find on the same websites mentioned above.

Pay your attention to academic writing jobs

If compositions were always your strong suit, you’d probably like an opportunity of academic writing jobs. This job implies doing a wide range of written tasks − from short essays for students to research papers. Don’t be afraid if you are not a scholar, because it’s up to you what speciality to pick. You can find such tasks using all the same sites for job search, but they’re usually provided one-time tasks and it’ll be difficult to find a permanent source of income. Another way is to join a team at specialized websites. Fortunately, there are plenty of them, but some of them require high education and others are satisfied with merely fluent written English.

To get a job at such websites, you usually need to fill in your contact details, pass the language test and sometimes to complete a writing task.

Some tips on how to earn more

  1. Start a blog

If you tell about your job in feed and leave a link to hire you, this will significantly increase your chances to get more clients.

  1. Learn to type faster

Skilled copywriters type 10-15 thousand signs per day on average.

  1. Improve the quality of texts constantly

Besides doing spell-check, learn about keywords and SEO-rewriting (SEO-copywriting). You’ll be surprised by your income’s growth.

So, as you’ve seen, seek and you shall find. Improve your skills, keep going and one day you’ll become an expert in your field.


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