Will there be a Doraemon Stand By Me 3?

Will there be a Doraemon Stand By Me 3?

Taking the production, a lack of current official confirmation, and other factors into considerations, ‘Stand by Me Doraemon 3’ will be released no sooner than 2025.

Who Married Shizuka?

Nobita, a pivotal character from Doraemon, married his childhood sweetheart Shizuka in the new film Stand by Me Doraemon 2. The internet is elated about it and celebrated with emotional posts.

Does Shizuka like Dekisugi?

On the last day of their graduation, Dekisugi who is madly in love with Shizuka proposes her. But she eventually rejects him saying that she needs time and permission from her father.

Will there be more Doraemon movie?

Unbelievably, the 41st film in the Doraemon franchise is set to arrive in March 2021. Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s Little Space War will release on March 5, 2021 and is a remake of the 1985 Doraemon film of the same name. …

What country is Doraemon made in?

Doraemon, which first appeared in manga form almost 50 years ago, has been held up in Japan as an example of the power of technology to improve people’s quality of life.

Who is Doraemon’s girlfriend?

Sharmee. Sharmee is a female cat that lived at a time when cats and dogs evolved into humans. Sharmee first appeared in Nobita’s Wannyan Space-Time Odyssey and became Doraemon’s girlfriend there.

Who will marry Dekisugi?

Dekisugi’s wife cameo in the 2014 version of Nobita’s Bride. She makes a cameo in the 2014 version of Nobita’s Bride. Dekisugi’s wife name could be Tachibana since they almost look alike due to her hair and the face of the character, but it is not confirmed yet.

Is Dekisugi handsome?

Dekisugi shares the same shape of facial features, including irises, nose, and lips, with Shizuka or her friend. Because of this physical trait, Dekisugi is considered the most handsome boy in class.


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