Will it rain heavily tomorrow in Mumbai?

Will it rain heavily tomorrow in Mumbai?

The chance of rain tomorrow in Mumbai is 0%.

When rains will start in Mumbai?

Monsoon in Mumbai arrives by June 10, leading to warm and humid weather during July and September. Mumbai rains are heaviest in July and August.

Which is the coldest month in Mumbai?

January is the coolest month of the year for Mumbai with mean daily minimum being 16.4 °C and mean daily maximum being 30.1 °C.

How is climate in Mumbai today?

Today’s temperature in Mumbai is 27°c. Day’s maximum temperature would hover at 29°c, while minimum temperature is predicted to be 21°c.

How many days will it rain in Mumbai?

2 Week Extended Forecast in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Conditions Precipitation
Day Temperature Chance
Wed Feb 9 79 / 69 °F 0%
Thu Feb 10 83 / 69 °F 0%
Fri Feb 11 85 / 70 °F 0%

Why is it so hot in Mumbai?

Due to the high specific heat capacity of water, the presence of a large amount of water is able to modify the climate of the nearby land areas, making them warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 5. Because both the cities are located near coastal areas, they experience the continental climate.

What is rain status in Mumbai today?

Mumbai rains: Four dead in 24 hours; traffic and trains severely affected. Colaba has recorded 90 mm & Santacruz has recorded 195 mm of rain at 5.30 am. Heavy to very heavy rain to continue, said Indian Meteorological Department today.

Does Mumbai have snow?

The climate in Mumbai is usually hot and humid. So, it does not snow in Mumbai.

Why is October so hot in Mumbai?

During the southwest monsoon, most parts of India cool down due to precipitation (rainfall), increased moisture, cloud cover, and sea winds in coastal areas. However, as the monsoon withdraws, the temperature rises and humidity falls, giving rise to the phenomenon locally referred to as ‘October heat’.

In which month does it rain in Mumbai?

In Mumbai (formerly Bombay), the capital of the state of Maharashtra, the climate is tropical, hot all year round, with a long, sunny season from early or mid-October to early June and a rainy season from June to September or early October.

Why is Mumbai so hot?

There is a weak low pressure system bringing moisture from the sea, and so it has become warmer. The wind speeds are also very slow, and so there is no cooling effect from the sea breeze. But the increasing humidity is also a sign that some thunderstorm development may happen around Mumbai soon.

Does Maharashtra have snow?

In some places, the `snow` was thick enough for people to scrape, make snowballs and hurl at each other, presenting an experience of a lifetime in Mahabaleshwar, standing at 1,435 metres. “This is unbelievable. It`s just like Kashmir and Manali in Maharashtra.

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