Why was Clone High Cancelled?

Why was Clone High Cancelled?

With the controversy mounting, Miller tried to offer ideas to smooth over tensions while keeping Clone High in rotation. Ultimately, MTV higher-ups rejected his ideas and canceled the show. Miller’s solution included either completely removing the character or simply stating that Gandhi is the clone of Gary Coleman.

Who does Joan from Clone High represent?

Joan of Arc is the clone of Jeanne d’Arc, the devout 15th century French militant.

What is Clone High parody?

‘Clone High’, created by Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Bill Lawrence, is an animated parody of high school dramas that follows the clones of historical figures in a modern high school setting.

What was the last thing Abe said in Clone High?

The final thing Abe said, before this everlasting cliffhanger was a final “I love you”. Not to Cleo, not to Joan, but “J-Cl”.

Is there a Clone High season 2?

The ‘Clone High’ revival has been renewed for two seasons. Since its cancellation after one season, Clone High has earned a cult following, in addition to being the project that introduced many to co-creators Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

How tall is Ghandi Clone High?

Gandhi was only called Mahatma once, by George Washington Carver. His birthday is October 2nd, 1985. He appears to be much shorter than his clonefather, who was was 5′ 5″ (165 centimeters).

Did Joan sleep with JFK?

Joan doesn’t seem to hang out with any students other than her friends Abe and Gandhi. Despite her antisocial behavior, she is able to sleep with JFK, one of the more popular students at Clone High.

Why does Mr B call Wesley?

Mr. Butlertron calls everyone “Wesley”, a reference to the youngest son on Mr. Belvedere, Wesley Owens. It is hinted at in the show that he may have been in a relationship with Scudworth, or still is.

Does JFK like Joan of Arc?

JFK appears to have a crush on Joan of Arc and constantly propositions her because of his perverted nature. In Homecoming: A Shot In The D’Arc, he questions his sexuality upon seeing Joan disguised as male, and makes advances towards her. She will typically respond by hitting or kicking him.

Do Abe and Joan get together?

All Love Is Unrequited: A theme throughout the series, but comes to a head at the end of this episode: Joan still doesn’t get Abe, and Abe is frozen before he can tell Joan that he loves her.

Who plays Ghandi Clone High?

Michael McDonald
Gandhi (voiced by Michael McDonald) is a clone of Mahatma Gandhi and Abe’s other best friend. He, like Abe, is struggling to live up to his clonefather Mahatma Gandhi.

Will the Clone High reboot have Gandhi?

When the pair was asked when we could expect to see the revival of Clone High, Lord, responded, “That’s a thing that actually I don’t know,” with Miller saying: The cast included Abe Lincoln (voiced by Will Forte), Joan of Arc (Nicole Sullivan), Gandhi (Michael McDonald), Cleopatra (Christa Miller), and JFK (Miller).

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