Why LaSalle Market&Deli?

Why LaSalle Market&Deli?

Whether you’re planning on dining in or taking it to go, LaSalle Market & Deli always offers a wide selection of delicious options for breakfast, lunch or dinner and serves some of the best pizza in CT – ALL at a great price. Our goal is to serve you with fresh and creative foods as well as provide a great place to relax.

Where are the night markets in LaSalle?

The Town hosts LaSalle Night Markets located at the LaSalle Civic Centre at 5950 Malden Road. Night Markets feature music, vendors and delicious food. They are held on the last Sunday in the months of May, June, July, August.

What is Lasalle’s?

“LaSalle’s is a local hangout for antiquers, cyclers, walkers & kayakers. Only decent NY pizza in the area. They serve several delicious sandwiches & wraps.

Can you rent Lasalle market for a party?

We also offer a full line of rentals, including glassware and china along with the availability of renting the LaSalle Market facility for your party. Welcome to LaSalle Market & Deli – a Unique CT Deli Style Restaurant with Catering for Any Occasion. The Open Mic Friday night: 6pm – 10:00pm. OPEN MIC RESUMED ON NOV 5TH 2021

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