Why is Portia so nervous?

Why is Portia so nervous?

Therefore, she is privy to the plans of the Conspirators, which is to murder Caesar. This would be the overriding reason for her to be “worried” and “nervous” in this scene, for her husband is about to commit treason against Rome.

Why is Portia so upset at the end of the scene?

Why is Portia so nervous and upset? Because she knows the plan of Brutus, and she’s worry about him. Portia wants Lucius to go to the capital and then come back, because she says Brutus is “sick”, and she wants Lucius to check what’s going on with Caesar.

What rhetorical devices did Antony use in his speech?

The most effective tool Marc Antony uses throughout his oration for Caesar is repetition, the most repeated phrases having to do with Caesar’s “ambition” and Brutus’ “honor.” The repetition of these sort of tropes is responsible for the sarcastic irony that eventually drips from Antony’s speech.

What has Portia done to prove loyalty?

What has Portia done to show Brutus that she is worthy of knowing his secrets? She stabs her thigh to prove her loyalty.

Why does Brutus ask his servant what the date is?

At the beginning of Act II of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus asks his servant what day it is. Why did Shakespeare most likely choose to open the act this way? He wants to let the audience know that all of the events that occur in Act II are happening on the day that Caesar is killed.

What does Portia prove her strength to Brutus?

Portia then calls Brutus’ attention to the voluntary wound on her thigh that she gave herself. Portia proves her strength to Brutus by showing him that she has the ability to conceal such a painful wound. She then asks her husband, “Can I bear that with patience, and not my husband’s secrets?” (2.1. 310-311).

Why does Portia think she is strong enough to share in Brutus plans?

Why does Portia think she is strong enough to share in Brutus plans? She is the daughter of Cato and wife of Brutus, and she gave herself a wound and did not cry out. He agrees to do whatever Brutus needs him to do without knowing what it might be even though he is sick.

What does Portia demand in the dialogue?

What does Portia demand in the dialogue, or conversation, with Brutus in Scene 1? She wants to know what is on his mind and why he is troubled. In scene 2, what does Calphurnia try to persuade Caesar to do? She wants him to say that he is “too ill”, to go to the Capital.

What does the soothsayer tell Portia?

What does the soothsayer come to tell Portia? That he is worried that Caesar will be hurt but he will try to stop him from going to the Capitol. What does she pray to the gods for? To help Brutus in his quest.

What was the most unkindest cut of all?

The most painful of insults, affronts, or offenses, often so painful because it comes from a trusted friend. In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Antony describes the wound given to Caesar by his close friend Brutus (see also Brutus) as the “most unkindest cut of all.”

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