Why is Oedipus responsible for his downfall?

Why is Oedipus responsible for his downfall?

Oedipus is responsible for his own downfall because of his ability to solve riddles. If he had never answer the riddle he would not have been named the King of Thebes. Tiresias says to Oedipus that his ability to solve riddles was his own ruin. In this case he would not have sleep with his mother.

How does Creon pride lead to his downfall?

By the end of the play Creon’s hubris, or excessive pride, has taken over him, which leads to his demise. Creon’s tragic flaw, hubris, causes his downfall. Creon will not listen to anyone. He is stubborn and his pride is so great, he can not bring himself to acknowledge that he could ever wrong.

What does Oedipus want Creon to do at the end of the play?

What does Oedipus want Creon to do at the end of the play? Oedipus wants Creon to send him into exile to Mt. Cithaeron and to take care of his daughters.

Is Creon responsible for Antigone’s death?

The cruel king of Thebes, Creon, has all the responsibility for the deaths of this niece, Antigone, and his son, Haimon. Antigone, Oedipus daughter, was cruelly killed by Creon.

Why does Oedipus call himself a child of fortune?

Oedipus thinks he has had a great life so far and he could be the child of a god or even a slave but the fact is that he has had a lot of good fortune in his life. He calls himself a child of fortune because if he was born under a slave or under a king, he has still had a very good life no matter what.

Was Oedipus a victim of fate or a victim of his own free will?

Oedipus is a victim of fate. The gods decree when he is born that he is destined to marry his mother and murder his father. People in Oedipus’s life try to exercise free will in various ways to escape this curse.

What is significant about Oedipus blinding himself with Jocasta’s brooches?

Once Oedipus realizes that he was not able to avoid the prophecy and is responsible for the plague, he is disgusted with himself and stabs his own eyes using Jocasta’s golden brooches. Oedipus blinding himself reflects his emotional pain and reveals that he has taken responsibility for his actions.

Why did Zeus punish the rebels?

Zeus is one of the powerful gods of Greek mythology. In the story of Antigone by Sophocles, he punishes the rebels. It is because he despises the arrogance and proud persona of the rebels. He hates someone who denies a burial, however, Creon fails to look into his message.

What is Creon’s state of mind after Tiresias leaves?

What is Creon’s state of mind after Tiresias leaves? He is shaken and troubled, but finds it hard to obey Tiresias.

What does Creon value?

More specifically, upholding and maintaining laws once those laws are put into effect. In the very beginning of Antigone, Creon – quite frankly – spells out that he values the status of the state over any personal friendships.

What edict has Creon issued?

As king, Creon decrees that son of the former king, rebel Polynices, shall not be buried and shall rot in the open as an example to others that would think of taking action against the state. Anyone attempting to bury Polynices would be killed for actions amounting to a collaboration with the dead rebel.

How does Oedipus accepting of fate ennoble him?

how does Oedipus’ accepting of his fate ennoble him? Creon says to Oedipus: “Do not seek to be master in everything, for the things you mastered did not follow you throughout your life.” Support Creon’s claim with evidence from the play. Because he tried to take control of everything, he ended up failing terrible.

Why Creon is the tragic hero?

Creon is the tragic hero because he tries to restore order in Thebes and is a good ruler but ends up alone due to his excessive pride. Antigone is the tragic hero because she sticks to her beliefs in the Gods and family and dies because of her loyalty to them.

What action does Creon take as a result of haemon’s visit?

As a result of Haemon’s visit, Creon decides to punish Antigone by burying her alive in a tomb.

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