Why is jhalda famous?

Why is jhalda famous?

Jhalda occupied an important place in the Industrial History in the world so far as Shellac is concerned. Shellac in various shapes and models were exported to England, Germany and the USA.

What is the Pincode of jhalda?

Jhalda/Zip codes

What is the sub district of Purulia?

Administrative subdivisions. The district comprises four subdivisions: Purulia Sadar, Jhalda, Raghunathpur and Manbazar. Puruliya Sadar consists of Purulia municipality and five community development blocks: Purulia–I, Purulia–II, Hura, Puncha and Balarampur.

How many blocks are in the Purulia district?

20 Blocks
Purulia is a district in West Bengal State of India. It has a total of 20 Blocks in this district. The district has an total area of 6,259 sq km. There are 28 towns and 210 villages in this district.

Who is the DM of Purulia district?

Shri Rahul Majumdar

Sl. No. Designation Name of the Officer
1 District Magistrate Shri Rahul Majumdar, WBCS (Exe)
2 Addl. District Magistrate(G) Mufti Samim Sawkat, WBCS (Exe)
3 Addl. District Magistrate (ZP) Smt. Kritika Sharma, IAS
4 Addl. District Magistrate(Dev) Shri Srikanth Palli, IAS

What is the pin code of Sealdah?

Sealdah is a residential suburb in Raja Bazar, and its PIN code is 700014.

What is the pin code of Purulia?

Purulia/Zip codes

How many hills are there in Purulia?


Ranking Hill District
1 Ajodhya Hills Range Purulia
2 Ajodhya Hills Range Purulia
3 Panchet Hill Purulia
4 Biharinath Bankura

Is Purulia a hill station?

Purulia – The Town of Majestic Beauty. Purulia is a land of lush green landscapes, verdant hills and panoramic beauty. The peaceful environment with a blend of history and culture make it a perfect holiday destination.

How many SDO offices are in Purulia?

Administration, Purulia

Designation Telephone No.
District Magistrate Office 03252-222302 Res. 03252-222301 Fax 03252-222490
Additional District Magistrate( G) Office 03252-222120 Res. 03252-222622
Additional District Magistrate (D) Office 03252-223141 Res. 03252-223259
S.D.O. (East) Office 03252-223266

How many DSP are there in Purulia district?

Important Contact Numbers

Important Telephone of Purulia District Police
Name of Officer Designation Office
Shri Asis Roy, WBPS Dy. S.P. (D) 03252-223208
Shri Samir Adhikari, WBPS Dy. S.P. (DEB) 03252-223208
Shri Susanta Rajbanshi, WBPS Dy. S.P. (DIB) 03252-223212

What is Purulia famous for?

The tourism of Purulia attractions center around its hills, forests as well as its archaeological excavations and the relics of ancient buildings and temples. Tribal ethos enriches the mystic charm and natural beauty of this land of red soil and red blooms of Palash.

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