Why is Ender called a third?

Why is Ender called a third?

Ender fighting Stilson over being called a third is the final test that he passes that launches him into battle school, and in the end, into history books. So, Ender took a bad thing, and worked it to his advantage, a trait he shows quite often in the book.

Why is ender being a third considered negative?

Ender being a “Third” means that he is the third child of his family. For his parents, having a third child was negative. negative because it made Peter feel like he wasn’t good enough when his parents were asked to “try again.”

Who is the oldest Wiggin child?

Peter Wiggin

What is a monitor in Ender’s Game?

A Monitor was a technological implant used by the International Fleet to screen children who might show potential to be students at Battle School.

What advice does Mick give to Ender?

He offers Ender some advice: “Make friends. Be a leader. Kiss butts if you’ve got to, but if the other guys despise you – you know what I mean?” (5.74).

What attitude motivates the adults to lie to Ender?

Ender thinks it is just a computer game, but he is really controlling the human fleet through their battle with the bugs. I would say that their main motivation for lying is to protect Ender.

Who becomes Ender’s first friend?


Why was Ender’s monitor removed?

He is having his monitor removed. This device had allowed the authorities to view the world as he did, and from Ender’s thoughts we learn that the monitor has made him an outcast. His brother Peter also had a monitor, but Ender had his for a year longer, and Peter hates him for this.

How does Ender’s father make Ender feel when he sees the monitor is gone?

How does Peter react to Ender now that the monitor is gone? He is enraged and wants to kill him playing Buggers and Spaceman.

Who bullied Ender?


Why do they use kids in Ender’s Game?

Originally Answered: Why do they need children to fight the war? The in-book explanation in Enders Game is that children can see the patterns and can react faster in ways that only very, very rare adults can. Mazer Rackham, the hero of the first conflict with the ‘Buggers’ was one of those very rare adults.

What happens in chapter 5 of Ender’s Game?

A conversation between Graff and someone who is clearly higher in the military command starts this chapter. The conversation ends with Graff saying that Ender can have friends, but no parents. Once in Battle School Ender and his fellow launch mates (called Launchies) find their bunks and Dap introduces himself to them.

Why does Ender pick on bean?

Ender’s promotion to commander changes both his military and psychological status. He is now forced to give orders, to be a disciplinarian. However, he still cares, and even though he picked on Bean he wants to be there for him, to help him.

Who is DAP?

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Why did Bonzo kill ender?

Ender quickly realizes that Bernard and the other boys pose no true threat—it is Bonzo who wants to kill him. He is able to use Bonzo’s honor to convince his enemy to face him alone, and Bonzo strips to face Ender on equal terms. Ender realizes he must make Bonzo fear him enough never to fight him again.

Why does Ender ultimately choose with Graff?

Why does Ender ultimately decide to go with Graff to battle school? think Ender goes because he knows that the reason he was allowed was to go to battle school. That would mean that all the embarrassment he has been through for being a third would pay off because he would save the world.

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