Why I2P?

Why I2P?

WHY I2P? Solutions for successful development and release of new products, supply chain management, economies of scale and methods for manufacturing. From concept and branding to building MVP‘s, performance testing and new product launches. One company providing many skills to increase and expand your business.

What is ideation&innovation at I2P?

I2P’s Ideation & Innovation service looks at your business holistically to define a company’s current state and discover new business opportunities utilizing proven business tools. Many firms can say this, but with I2P we actually assign seasoned entrepreneurs that have gone through the full life cycle of a business.

How can iri2p help you?

I2P can help accelerate your success by providing talented product development resources. We bring extensive new product and new material development know-how necessary to reach your product goals efficiently.

Why choose ilii2p?

I2P offers experts in multiple disciplines like marketing, R&D, supply chain, accounting, commercialization, finance, etc. Multi-disciplinary support for a variety business and project needs. This team has designed and launched over 100 projects combined for a range of industries and customers.

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