Why hasnt my period started im 13?

Why hasnt my period started im 13?

It’s common, especially in the first 2 years after a girl starts getting her period, to skip periods or to have irregular periods. Illness, rapid weight change, or stress can also make things more unpredictable. That’s because the part of the brain that regulates periods is influenced by events like these.

When should I worry that my daughter hasn’t started her period?

You should not be concerned about your daughter’s cycles unless: She hasn’t started her period within three years of developing breasts. She hasn’t started her period by the age of 13 and shows no signs of breast budding or pubic hair development (pubertal sexual changes).

What age is late to get your period?

But it can be as early as age 8 or as late as 15. Talk to your doctor if your period started before age 8 or you are 15 and haven’t started your period. A good sign you’re getting close to the time when your first period will arrive is if you notice a discharge coming from your vagina.

What happens if a girl doesn’t get her period?

The most common cause is pregnancy. However, amenorrhea may also be caused by various lifestyle factors, including body weight and exercise levels. In some cases, hormonal imbalances or problems with the reproductive organs might be the cause. You should see your doctor if you’re experiencing amenorrhea.

What can cause a teenager to miss a period?

What causes amenorrhea in a teen?

  • Ovulation problems. This can cause irregular or missed menstrual periods.
  • Thyroid disorder.
  • Obesity.
  • A lot of exercise.
  • Eating disorder.
  • Pituitary adenoma.
  • Physical problem (birth defect).
  • Pregnancy.

Why do I rarely get my period?

A number of things can cause irregular periods: A girl may have something going on with her hormones . Excessive exercise, not eating enough calories, or being underweight or overweight can also affect a girl’s cycle. So can medicines or drugs (like steroids).

How long can a teenage girl go without a period?

ANSWER: When they first start, periods in teens are often irregular. It’s not uncommon to go several months without a period within the first year or two of beginning to have menstrual cycles. In your daughter’s situation, a gap of six months at this point probably doesn’t require an evaluation.

Why has my daughter not started her period?

Some don’t get their periods because of hormone imbalances. Girls who are underweight or who have eating disorders may notice a delay in the start of their periods. Girls who are very athletic might not get their periods until they stop exercising or competing so vigorously.

Can periods skip a month?

It is not uncommon to occasionally miss a period, or for periods to become irregular from time to time. Under some circumstances, periods can even stop altogether. Sometimes these irregularities are due to normal changes, and are not cause for concern.

What should I do for late periods?

What to do if your period is delayed. If your period is late, the first step is to complete out a pregnancy test from the pharmacy. If you haven’t had a period for more than 3 months and you cannot identify the cause, you should go to a gynecologist so that he or she can identify the cause and treat the problem.

Why am I not getting my period at 15 years old?

Why No Period By Age 15? 1 Family History. If your mom didn’t get their period until they were 15 or older, chances are that being a late bloomer runs in your family. 2 Low Weight. If you weigh much less than normal, that can affect your hormone levels and prevent you from getting your period. 3 Extra Weight. 4 Too Much Exercise.

What age do girls get their first period?

Most girls get their first period between the ages of 10 and 15, but some get it earlier and some later. The first period is known as menarche (pronounced: MEN-ar-kee). A girl’s monthly cycle is the number of days from the start of her period to the start of the next time she gets her period.

What is the average age for a 12 year old to menstruate?

Most girls begin their periods between ages 9 and 18. The average is around 12 years old. If no periods have occurred when a girl is older than 15, further testing may be needed. The need is more urgent if she has gone through other normal changes that occur during puberty.

What is the average age for a girl to stop menstruating?

The average is around 12 years old. If no periods have occurred when a girl is older than 15, further testing may be needed. The need is more urgent if she has gone through other normal changes that occur during puberty. Being born with incompletely formed genital or pelvic organs can lead to a lack of menstrual periods.

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