Why has my radio stopped working in my Mercedes?

Why has my radio stopped working in my Mercedes?

If it isn’t just the radio that isn’t turning on the culprit may be a dead battery. However, if your car turns on but there isn’t any sound coming from the radio, it could also be: Bad speaker wires. Blown fuse.

How do you reset the radio on a Mercedes C Class?

To reset your Mercedes-Benz radio code, you will need to retrieve a corresponding radio code. To do this, either check your owner’s manual or contact an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership with your VIN and proof of ownership. From there, enter the code into your radio, and it should successfully be reset.

How do I unlock my Mercedes radio code?

To obtain your radio code you can:

  1. Visit your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.
  2. Contact our Customer Assistance Center with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN),
  3. Via phone: at 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES (1-800-367-6372)

Why did my radio just stopped working?

The most likely reason for your radio’s sudden death is a blown fuse. All car radios have at least one fuse that protects it from power surges coming from somewhere else in the vehicle. The first thing you should do when your radio stops working is check its fuses and replace any that have blown.

What would cause a car radio to not turn on?

Some of the most common issues include a blown fuse, bad or damaged wiring, and anti-theft modes that are often triggered when the battery dies. In order to track down the reason that your car radio won’t turn on, you’ll want to tackle each of these potential issues one at a time.

How do I enter my Mercedes radio code?

Turn on your vehicle. Enter your radio code once the radio screen displays a phrase similar to “Enter Radio Code”. Use the radio buttons labeled with a number to enter your code. Once the correct code is entered, the radio will unlock and become usable.

How do you diagnose a car radio problem?

Symptoms to look for

  1. Radio fails to turn on – wiring problem or blown fuse.
  2. Car radio turns off after a few seconds at irregular intervals – there’s either a power or ground connection problem.
  3. Car radio display and sound goes on and off together – head unit might not be getting enough power.

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