Why do they call Efren Reyes Bata?

Why do they call Efren Reyes Bata?

Reyes is often called by his nickname “Bata”, which means “Kid” in Filipino, given to him by close friends to distinguish him from an older Efren who also played pool.

How does Efren Reyes aim?

“I aim at a spot on the object ball with center cue ball. She explains, “I stand behind where the cue ball and object ball are in a straight line, and then I move to where I know I have to hit it.

Who is the number 1 billiard player?

Pool pundits, fans, and former players widely consider Efren Manalang Reyes as the greatest pool player of all time. This Filipino also holds the top place in our list of best pool players of all time. He still holds the record as the first pool player to win World Championships in two different disciplines.

How good was Efren Reyes?

Think of him as the Muhammad Ali of cue sports. Over the past four decades, Filipino pool legend Efren Reyes has held 80-plus world titles, winning championships in both 8-ball and 9-ball, an unprecedented feat. In short, he’s the greatest pool player ever.

Is Efren Bata Reyes married?

Susan Reyes
Efren Reyes/Spouse

What type of cue does Efren Reyes use?

He’s not the tallest player but he uses a 60″ cue. The cue length is good for billiards, and shots of him playing shows the range of grips he uses utilising the butt length to get the stability he’s looking for.

Is Efren Reyes the goat?

The main reason (imho) he is the GOAT is because he plays several different disciplines of billiards and in his prime he was better than anyone else. Prime example – Derby City Classic – 5x Master of the Table, 5x Winner – One Pocket, has also won the 9-ball at least once.

What is Efren Reyes age?

67 years (August 26, 1954)
Efren Reyes/Age

Does Efren Reyes have a family?

Frennie Reyes
Susan ReyesPedro ReyesRomana Manalang
Efren Reyes/Family

Who makes Efren Reyes pool?

Mezz Cues
This Limited Edition Cue was made in collaboration with the “Magician” Efren Reyes following his playing style requirements. It features Mezz Cues second to none craftsmanship providing a unique performance and solid feel.

How did Efren Reyes start playing pool?

Before Efren Reyes started playing pool at the age of 8, he worked as a billiards attendant at his uncle’s billiards hall. There he started to learn various cue sports including the pool. But back then young Reyes was not tall enough to reach the pool table.

What happened to Bata Reyes in Laguna?

Efren “Bata” Reyes gave more details to shed some light into the billiards event he attended in San Pedro, Laguna last week. In Chino Trinidad’s report for “24 Oras,” the pool legend explained why exactly he ended up in the barangay hall with authorities.

Is Efren Reyes married?

Efren Reyes married his longtime girlfriend Susan Reyes. He and his wife have welcomed three children together – son Frennie Reyes and daughters Rose Reyes, Chelo Reyes. His son Frennie Reyes once competed in the Asian Nine-ball Tour and had won All-Japan.

How did Efren Bata get his name?

As there was already another pool player with the name Efren, he was referred to as “Efren Bata” , which translates to ‘Kid’ in Tagalog and sometimes as “Efrey”. Between the 1960s and 1970s, he played three-cushion billiards and was soon discovered by promoters, which gave him the opportunity to compete in big-time tournaments.

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