Why do Scandinavians wear sailor hats?

Why do Scandinavians wear sailor hats?

Swedish graduation, as relaxed as possible They are quite similar to the kind of hat you would expect a ship’s captain to wear. That is a real theme of a Swedish graduation – the idea that it should be a relaxed affair where you don’t think about what’s coming down the road.

Why do Scandinavians wear sailor hats at graduation?

The cap’s earliest history surfaces in 1845 when it was first adopted by students in Copenhagen – after being inspired by their meeting with students from the Swedish Uppsala University, who used a cap. The original one – more than 150 years old. In those days it was an important symbol, signifying graduate status.

What does the graduation cap symbolize?

Graduation caps symbolize intellectual superiority and while bachelor degree graduates and undergraduates are required to wear the tassel on the left, higher academic achievement allows the graduate to move it to the right. So, it also plays a major symbolic role in the whole pageant.

How do Danes celebrate graduation?

One of the most traditional ways to celebrate ones high school graduation is hard not to miss. During the last weekend in June, the streets are filled with large, decorated trucks in which the graduates stop by each of their classmates’ houses for something to eat and drink.

Does Sweden have prom?

Prom usually takes place two days before graduation. The prom before graduation is the only prom students in Sweden have and it is mandatory to go to. The students receive their grades from teachers and their time in high school is officially over.

What is Utspring?

Graduating high school is a big deal in Sweden, as today’s word shows. Utspring comes from ut (out) + springa (to run). You could translate it as “running-out” or “graduation dash”. On the day of graduation, students typically run out of the school building, class by class.

Why do only female graduates wear caps?

It is thought that women wear the graduation cap as a symbol of the end of their education, it is now “capped”. Men are expected to remove hats in places of worship, as a mark of respect and to avoid “dishonouring” his head, while women are required to remain covered during acts of worship.

What does Black toga mean?

The colour of the toga, as worn by men (toga virilis), was white: a dark-coloured toga (brown or black, toga pulla or sordida) was only worn by the lower classes, or in time of mourning, or by accused persons.

Why do Danish graduates wear hats?

A black cap distinguishes students who are the first in their family to graduate or have other accomplishments. Note the classmates’ bite marks on the visor on this cap. (Photo courtesy of Mirah Christiansen.) This class still hopes that they will get some of their celebrations.

Do other countries have proms?

Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and some all-boys schools in Ireland all hold their prom-like celebrations in winter months as well. Differing from the US tradition, many countries hold their celebratory dances 100 days before the end of school. England and Australia’s proms are the most similar to the United States.

What do Swedish graduates wear on graduation day?

In Sweden, we traditionally wear formal and white on our graduation day. This means that girls usually wear white dresses or jumpsuits, and the boys wear dark suits with a white shirt. This dress code isn’t mandatory, but it is a tradition!

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