Why did Willis leave Forged in Fire?

Why did Willis leave Forged in Fire?

However, there was a reason behind Wil Willis leaving Forged in Fire. In March 2020, he and his wife welcomed a son, so he is currently spending time with his family. Wil also admitted in an interview that the working conditions on the show were not the best. He criticized his trailer and the slow filming process.

Why do the judges change on Forged in Fire?

It turns out, he needed to take a leave of absence to have surgery on his hand, and fellow ABS Master Smith Jason Knight stood in for him while he recovered. In some episodes since Season 4, he was replaced with two-time champion Ben Abbott, making fans worry again J. was stepping back.

Why did Grady Powell replace will on Forged in Fire?

According to Trib Live, the History Channel said that the decision to replace Wil with Grady was made to earmark a “new chapter” in the show’s existence, and with the new year underway it makes much more sense now.

Has Forged in Fire been Cancelled?

Fans can likely expect the show to continue running, as the network has announced no plans to cancel the popular game show.

Who is the new guy on Forged in Fire?

Grady Powell
“While we appreciate Wil Willis and everything he brought to the series, we are excited to start this new chapter and welcome Grady Powell into the ‘forge’ as our new host.”

What happens to the meat on Forged in Fire?

Robert from the 100th Forged in Fire episode seemingly commented on a Reddit post, confirming, “The meat gets donated to places, typically not for human consumption. Instead, wildlife reservations and things like that get the meat in order to keep it from going to waste.”

Do Forged in Fire losers get paid?

Do Forged in Fire losers get paid? As one Redditor believes, contestants likely don’t have to worry about food, lodging, and their flights to New York and back — as these are all taken care of. There’s a chance, however, that the contestants who end up losing receive no monetary compensation for their efforts.

Is Forged in Fire staged?

But according to some former contestants, there are a lot of components of the show that are very much real. Reddit user /rdeker posted about his experience on the show and confirmed that while he couldn’t spill all of the details, the show definitely keeps it a little bit realistic.

Did Grady Powell compete Forged in Fire?

Yes, indeed. Grady Powell is very much a married man. He married his wife Meg Powell in 2019 when the couple had already been together for a couple of years. Grady Powell has become the latest member to join the Forged in Fire cast this season.

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