Why did the riots start in Northern Ireland?

Why did the riots start in Northern Ireland?

While Brexit has caused simmering underlying tensions, the seven nights of violence in Belfast were sparked by a decision from Northern Ireland’s Public Prosecution Service to not prosecute 24 high-ranking members of Sinn Fein, the nationalist party, who had breached COVID-19 regulations by attending a funeral for …

Does Jamie Bryson have a criminal record?

In March 2015 Bryson was found guilty of taking part in unlawful public processions and obstructing traffic due to his role in the protests and given a six-month suspended jail sentence.

When did the riots start in Belfast?

Some historians peg the real beginning of the Troubles to the events of August 1969, when a loyalist parade in Derry sparked three days of rioting and violent reprisals.

Why is there protests in Belfast?

Opposition to the arrangements that have created trade barriers between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK was a factor behind rioting that flared in several loyalist areas across the region in April.

What caused the troubles in Belfast?

The conflict was primarily political and nationalistic, fuelled by historical events. The conflict began during a campaign by the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association to end discrimination against the Catholic/nationalist minority by the Protestant/unionist government and local authorities.

Is DUP right wing?

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is a unionist and loyalist political party in Northern Ireland. The party has been described as right-wing and socially conservative, being anti-abortion and opposing same-sex marriage.

When did the Troubles start?

1968 – 1998
The Troubles/Periods

Where is the IRA now?

The Official IRA (OIRA), the remainder of the IRA after the 1969 split from the Provisionals; was primarily Marxist in its political orientation. It is now inactive in a military sense, while its political wing, Official Sinn Féin, became the Workers’ Party of Ireland.

Where is Bobby Sands buried?

Milltown Cemetery, Belfast, United Kingdom
Bobby Sands/Place of burial

What caused the 1964 riots in Northern Ireland?

In 1964 there were riots after a republican election candidate put an Irish tricolour (which was then illegal) in the window of his office on the Falls Road, Belfast. The unionist Minister of Home Affairs, responding to pressure from hardliners, ordered police to remove the flag. This sparked fierce clashes between republicans and the police.

What happened to the Union Flag in Belfast?

On 3 December 2012, Belfast City Council voted to limit the days that the Union Flag (the flag of the United Kingdom) flies from Belfast City Hall. Since 1906, the flag had been flown every day of the year.

What happened in South Belfast on 17 March?

On 17 March, Saint Patrick’s Day, a PSNI officer was injured during rioting in South Belfast. The riot reportedly started when loyalists tried to hold a protest outside pubs in Shaftesbury Square, but were pushed back to Donegall Road by police. Masked loyalists burnt bins on the road and attacked police with bricks and bottles.

Why did loyalists protest outside Belfast City Hall?

On 15 June, around 100 loyalists held the now-weekly loyalist flag protest outside Belfast City Hall, which coincided with a large anti- G8 march taking place in the city centre. According to the PUP’s Billy Hutchinson, some loyalist protesters felt that the G8 rally was “anti British”.

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