Why are mangroves disappearing in Pakistan?

Why are mangroves disappearing in Pakistan?

A significant reduction in the fresh water supply and increased marine water pollution in from industries as well as over harvesting of mangroves and fishes by the local peoples, sedimentation, population stress and coastal erosion are usually considered to be the immediate causes of mangrove loss in Pakistan.

What is the main reason for mangrove deforestation?

Agriculture. Many thousands of acres of mangrove forest have been destroyed to make way for rice paddies, rubber trees, palm oil plantations, and other forms of agriculture. Farmers often use fertilizers and chemicals, and runoff containing these pollutants makes its way into water supplies.

What are the threats to mangroves in Pakistan?

But mangroves are under threat. Climate change, logging, agriculture, aquaculture, pollution and coastal development are all eroding their habitats.

What is the impact of mangrove deforestation?

Other more striking effects of mangrove deforestation include a decreased availability of wood, fish and prawn, less revenue paid to government in terms of royalties and tourist fees, an increase in coastal erosion and eventual reduction of seagrasses and coral reefs.

What is the current status of mangroves in Pakistan?

In term of area Pakistan has 0.6 million hectares of mangrove ecosystem, probably the tenth largest in the world. They are distributed along the coast of Sindh and Baluchistan. The largest concentration, approximately 95%, is found in Sindh Province.

What is the current status of Pakistan’s mangrove environment?

The Indus Delta therefore supports 97 percent of the total mangrove forest (37 percent of the Delta area) while the three pockets on the Baluchistan Coast support the remaining 3 percent (varying from 8 percent of the total area in Gawatar Bay to 21 percent in Kalmat Khor and 25 percent in Miani Hor).

What factors affect mangroves?

The main abiotic factors that mangroves are:

  • TIDES.
  • SUBSTRATUM (soil)

How can mangrove deforestation be prevented?

What Can You Do To Help?

  1. Here are 3 ways you can protect mangrove forests for the planet and future generations.
  2. – Provide employment for two villages on Biak Island, Indonesia.
  3. – Help protect Biak Island from storm-surges and sea-level rise.
  4. – Create a habitat for threatened species.

What harm is being done to the mangroves in Pakistan Why is it a problem or a concern which needs our attention?

Coastal mangrove ecosystems in Pakistan have been seriously degraded over the last 50 years as a result of freshwater diversion for agriculture, industrial and urban water pollution, and over-fishing.

Where are mangrove forests found in Pakistan?

What is the meaning of mangrove deforestation?

Mangrove deforestation in Myanmar is the clearing of mangrove forests, usually for commercial uses or resources extraction, which is occurring mainly in 3 different regions: Rakhine State, Ayeyarwaddy Mega Delta, and Tanintharyi Division.

Where mangroves forests are found in Pakistan?

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