Why are Hikvision cameras banned?

Why are Hikvision cameras banned?

More than 90 companies relabeled the cameras with their own brands, according to IPVM, a surveillance-industry-research group. Citing national-security concerns, Congress ordered federal agencies to remove Hikvision cameras by August 2019. The U.S. government struggled to find them all.

Where is Hikvision manufactured?

Hangzhou, China
Based in Hangzhou, China, the “Silicon Valley of China,” Hikvision is a leading provider of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and other emerging technologies, and is the world’s largest manufacturer of video surveillance products and solutions.

Is HIK connect Chinese?

Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., often shortened to Hikvision, is a Chinese state-owned manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance equipment for civilian and military purposes, headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Is Hikvision NDAA compliant?

The ban was part of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and specifically bans security cameras by Hikvision, Dahua, and their OEMs. NDAA also requires all federal government and “critical infrastructure” to remove any product that originated in a Hikvision or Dahua factory before Aug 1, 2019.

Is Hikvision banned in UK?

The UK government has declined to support the Foreign Affairs Committee’s June 2021 recommendation that Hikvision and Dahua be banned from the UK over their Xinjiang operations.

Is EZVIZ owned by Hikvision?

Lorex is a subsidiary of Dahua Technology, and Ezviz is a video surveillance camera brand owned by Hikvision.

Is Hikvision banned in Australia?

Local Council’s in Australia who are rapidly expanding their surveillance of Australians, are still buying cameras from banned Chinese Company Hikvision, who when they came under pressure after being banned in the USA, simply changed the name of their cameras to EZVIZ in Australia.

What security cameras does the US government use?

Examples of NDAA Compliant Surveillance Cameras

  • Avigilon.
  • Axis Communications [4]
  • BCD International.
  • Commend.
  • FLIR.
  • iryx.
  • Mobotix.
  • Seek Thermal.

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