Why am I not receiving SMS Vodacom?

Why am I not receiving SMS Vodacom?

Conversation. Please check the SMS settings and confirm the message centre number is 0829119 or 0829129. Restart the device and let us know if this makes a difference. Try changing your message center numbers to either +27829119 or +27829129.

How do I activate SMS on Vodacom?

Activate SMS Roamer before you leave South Africa and avoid spending money on data and voice roaming costs….How to activate & deactivate SMS Roamer.

To activate SMS Roamer To deactivate SMS Roamer
Activate BEFORE you leave Deactivate when you return
SMS ‘Roamon’ to 123 or 31050 SMS ‘Roamoff’ to 123 or 31050

How do I send Vodacom SMS online?

If you already registered on the Vodacom website and you wish to send an SMS click this link https://www.vodacom.co.za/personal/myaccount/sendsms and enter your login details.

How do I get 50 Vodacom SMS?

Please dial *128# and select ‘Free change”. This will enable you to change your tariff plan, onto NXT LVL tariff plan. Once you’ve changed, you should also be able to redeem your free 50 SMS’s. Let us know how it goes.

How do I get 50 free SMS on Vodacom?

How to Get 50 Free SMS on Vodacom

  1. First, you need to dial register for NXT LVL by dialing *135*128#.
  2. You will be asked to provide an ID number when registering. Note that you need to be under 25 to register.
  3. Once you have successfully registered for NXT LVL, dial *135*128# to redeem your 50 free daily SMSs.

How do I activate 50 free SMS on Vodacom?

How much does an SMS cost on Vodacom?

Terms and Conditions

Local call rate (any network, any time) R0.79 per minute (billed per second)
SMS R0.50 per SMS all day
SMS to Telkom landlines R0.90 per SMS
MMS (300KB or less) R0.80 per MMS
International SMS R 1.74/SMS all day

How much is Vodacom SMS?

How much does a Vodacom SMS cost?

How do I get 50 free daily SMS on Vodacom?

What is Yebo4Less prepaid?

As a Yebo4Less Prepaid or Top Up customer, you get up to 100% FREE Vodacom-to-Vodacom calls and up to a 99% discount on Vodacom-to-any-network calls during off-peak times! With the Yebo4Less 100% Discount promotion, you just can’t lose because you get more value and bigger savings.

What can I do with my Vodacom rewards?

From clothing vouchers to entertainment rewards, the My Vodacom App offers a wide array of rewards via the VodaBucks Rewards hub. Exchange your VodaBucks for exciting deals in our VodaBucks store. Get Vodacom Fibre and link it to the app to manage the service from the palm of your hand.

How do I download the my Vodacom app on a Mac?

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. **Download or upgrade to the latest version of the My Vodacom App for the best user experience and all the latest benefits** Manage your account using your cellphone with the My Vodacom App. Buy airtime, voice, video, SMS and data bundles from your cellphone anytime, anywhere.

How can I Manage my Vodacom account using my cellphone?

Manage your account using your cellphone with the My Vodacom App. Buy airtime, voice, video, SMS and data bundles from your cellphone anytime, anywhere. Make sure that you don’t go out of bundle using the app to top up on your bundle balances in a simple and easy fashion. Need to check your Vodacom balance?

What is Vodacom South Africa?

Vodacom South Africa Vodacom South Africa is a mobile operator company, which offers smartphone, tablet, mobile data, internet and insurance products and services to the public and businesses respectively.”.

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