Who wore number 18 in baseball?

Who wore number 18 in baseball?

List of all-time retired numbers

No. Player or other figure Team
17 Todd Helton Rockies
18 Ted Kluszewski Reds
18 Mel Harder Indians
19 Bob Feller Indians

Where was Dustin Pedroia born?

Woodland, CA
Dustin Pedroia/Place of birth

Who wore #55 in baseball?

Can you name these 20 Baseball Players who wore jersey #55?

% Correct
Orel Hershiser 89.2%
Tim Lincecum 60.8%
Russell Martin 52%
Hideki Matsui 43.1%

What is the highest jersey number in baseball?

#4 and #5 have each been retired by eight teams, more than any other number (excluding Jackie Robinson’s #42, which was retired throughout MLB, see below). The highest player uniform number to be retired was Carlton Fisk’s #72, but the Cardinals retired #85 in honor of their one-time owner August Busch Jr.

Who wears number 18 in the NFL?

18 — Justin Jefferson, Vikings WR.

What basketball player has the number 18?

18 — Dave Cowens An eight-time All-Star, Cowens is one of only four players (including Scottie Pippen, LeBron James and Kevin Garnett) to lead his team in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals for an entire season.

Is Dustin Pedroia a Hall of Famer?

In JAWS, Pedroia sits 20th among second basemen. He’s one spot ahead of Jeff Kent, who just got 32.4 percent of the Hall of Fame vote last week. He’s also ahead of Hall of Famers Bobby Doerr, Nellie Fox, Bid McPhee, Johnny Evers and Tony Lazzeri.

Who wore 19 in baseball?

Legendary MLB players with number 19 jerseys include Tony Gwynn, Robin Yount, and Paul Molitor, all Hall of Fame-level players whose career highlights are among the greatest moments in baseball history.

Who wore 61 in baseball?

Dana Eveland
Mets Uniform Numbers –– #61: Dana Eveland Dana Eveland was one of those players, as he had the best year of his career that season. In his lone year in Queens, Eveland pitched to a 2.63 ERA/3.21 FIP with 27 strikeouts and a 1.098 WHIP in 27.1 innings pitched (8.9K/9).

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